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No Fees for Military Coaches!

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I am very happy to announce that the military no longer has to pay coaching fees! As you know, the military is very strong in the Beachbody ranks and this is a small token of appreciation from Beachbody.

So if you are customer of Beachbody and you or your spouse is active in the military, there is no reason not to become a coach. You pay no fees and you get 25% off all product purchases!

Please read the formal announcement by Carl Daikeler, the CEO, below. And you can download the forms for the program along with an FAQ HERE.

Click Here for Beachbody Fax cover sheet.

Click Here for Military Coaches Application.

Military Coaches Celebrate Their Independence…From Fees!

July 4th, 2011

Carl Daikeler, CEO

As the United States of America celebrates Independence Day, it’s the  perfect day to show our appreciation to active military with the new  Military sign-up opportunity!

To recognize the brave men and women defending our country, active  duty military personnel can celebrate their independence from fees.

Active military who are newly enrolling to be a Team Beachbody Coach,  save the cost of the business starter kit ($39.95), plus the monthly  business service fee will be waived for the duration of their active  duty orders. If you’re on active duty and you’re already a Coach, we’ll  waive your monthly business service fee for the duration of your active  duty orders.

We know that in military families, the spouse often has to keep the  home fires burning, so this program is open to military spouses, as well  (one free coach sign-up per active military household).

Simply submit a copy of active duty orders or other suitable paperwork and – BOOM! – fees waived!

This new Military program will help us build Team Beachbody while  recognizing the efforts and sacrifices of our active duty military  personnel. Plus, it provides them with a unique business opportunity to  build before they retire from service, with virtually no downside. Many  of our Coaches who are currently serving on active duty are successfully  building their Coach business using social media and the Game Plan –  even while serving halfway around the world. They are fighting the trend  of obesity while defending our country.

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