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Oh, Canada!!!

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I’ve got some BIG news for those of you in Canada that have been waiting for the opportunity to sign-up as Beachbody Coaches.

Canada Beachbody Coaching is opening October 1st (Pre-Launch phase)

On OCTOBER 1st, Canadian citizens will be allowed to sign up for the U.S. teambeachbody coaching opportunity!!!!

This is a HUGE opportunity to get in on the ground floor as one of the first Canadian Beachbody coaches!

But there are some details that you must understand, READ THE entire article before you start.

What You Need To Know: VERY IMPORTANT

1.) Canadian citizens can sign up for the U.S. coaching opportunity. 

This means you will be a teambeachbody coach just like a U.S. citizen would be, you will also receive commission payments in U.S. dollars and get U.S. tax documents for your coaching business.  When the Pre-launch phase is complete (sometime in mid 2013), your U.S. Beachbody coaching business will transition to a Canada Beachbody coaching business account with Canadian currency, Canadian tax documents, and a Canadian distribution center for your customers.  You won’t lose any customers or downline coaches when the full launch happens.

The Canada Beachbody Coaching “Pre-Launch” is simply your opportunity to get started now!  Be the first in your area to plug people into challenge groups, get them moving toward a healthy and fit lifestyle, and be able to be their official Canada Beachbody coach!

2.) The Rules – Beachbody Coaching in Canada

  1. No advertising – No newspaper ads or solicitating.  You can invite people to fit clubs and challenge groups.    Basically you want to connect with those that need your help to get the best results with their fitness and nutrition.  You can reach an endless amount of people simply by using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  That is just naming a few!
  2. No reselling – This basically means that you can’t buy programs and then resell them.  You will need to direct all of your customers to your storefront on   This isn’t an issue because it is already how I am running my business.

Retail Selling and Beachbody Coaching in Canada

If you live in Canada you already know that the Beachbody fitness workouts are currently available on retail shelves like Walmart.   Over the next few months they will be removed and won’t be available in the brick and mortar stores.   Being able to work with a coach and order the products through a coach has been proven to be way more successful.    Having a coach hold them accountable and providing them the support they need is critical to achieve their fitness goals.  Plus, the teambeachbody price will be LESS than retail in Canada, so you will have the competitive advantage over the “walmarts” with your new Canada Beachbody Coaching business.

Canada is a huge country and up until now, no one has been able to sign up as a coach.   By signing up as soon as it opens on October 1st, you will get a head start on the rest of the country and be able to get your business off to a rocket start!

This is exciting news as Team Beachbody moves this great opportunity into Canada.  It’s been a long time of waiting (years for some).    Now is the time to take action!  To get started, go here.

All contests like the Beachbody Challenge are open to Canadian citizens and coaches, so you’ll definitely want to encourage the people you coach to enter them and win prizes.

Remember, you must wait until October 1st to sign up, so don’t “jump the gun” too early.  But on October 1st the Beachbody coaching opportunity will be open to everyone in CANADA!  Be ready to take advantage of this HISTORIC opportunity if you are passionate about helping people get healthy and fit!

***As soon at the link becomes available on or after October 1st, I will post the link to sign up for the Canada Beachbody Coaching opportunity!


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*Note – If you have a “dud” coach and would like to change coaches, the process to do so is very simple. Simply email and tell them that you would like “Coach Todd Greene (Coach ID #99963) at ” as your coach. Please CC me as well so I can ensure to follow-up.


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