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We are officially 1 month into 2014 and I’m sure most of you made a New Years resolution, right?  Most sources suggest that fewer than half survive past February, and at least one study suggests that less than 20 percent have a lifespan of two years or more.  Based on personal observation, I’m surprised the numbers are that good.

To some extent, this poor performance is a by-product of the tradition itself.  While we all make New Year’s resolutions at the same time, there is no reason to think we are all comparably ready to make lasting behavior change at the same time.

So how are you doing on your resolution?  Remember, the one you made nearly a month ago to get fit, healthy and back in shape.  If you can say, GREAT, I’m exercising everyday, eating a clean diet and feeling better than ever.  Well, congratulations and keep up the good work.  However, if you have started to “fall of the wagon” and have tried to make every excuse in the book to quiet or give up, then keep reading.

This article sums up the philosophy you must have if you expect to make a real lifestyle change and transform your health and fitness.  It’s not about staying excited.  It’s not about staying motivated.  It’s about making a commitment, and then promising yourself that no matter what, you’ll Do It Anyway!  Period!  Excitement is good.  Motivation is good.  But if that’s all that has you working out and eating right, as soon as it fades you will fall right off the wagon.  You and you along have got to Decide, COMMIT, Succeed!  I can give you all the information but you have to be the one to stick with it. 

Coach Greene, I don’t feel like doing the workouts. What should I do?

Coach Greene, I love my wife’s home cooking. How am I supposed to eat healthy when she makes me bacon, eggs and biscuits every morning?

Coach Greene, I am a student. How can I eat healthy at school with little money?

Coach Greene, I have small kids at home and life is hectic. It’s impossible for me to workout everyday. What should I do?

Coach Greene, I’m sore! Should I still workout?

Coach Greene, I was fired up for a few weeks but now I just don’t have the motivation. How did you overcome that?

Coach Greene, the workouts are too long.  Is there another way I can lose weight?

You get the picture, right? I hear these “excuses” all the time. If we only workout and eat right when we “feel like it”, guess how we will end up? Yep! Just like we started!

I’ve worked out almost every single day for almost 5 years now.  Do you think I jump out of bed pumped and ready at 4:30 am every morning? Of course not!

There are a lot of things that really do excite me about these workouts, but many mornings that alarm seems real early. And I’m still sore from the day before when I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.  And the kids were up during the night and I’m running low on sleep.  And problems at work are weighing on me.  And I’ve got a list of things to get done.  Trust me, I know that feeling.  And the easiest thing to do would be to justify why I need to get an extra hour of sleep, or work on some other things just this once and workout later, or whatever.

I’m no different than you. It’s hard work to stay committed to fitness and health and nutrition.  Just like staying committed to anything in life is a challenge.  But successful people make a commitment and stick to it, no matter what!

I told myself when I started this journey that this time was going to be different.  This time, no matter how I felt, no matter how hectic my schedule was, I was going to DO IT ANYWAY! PERIOD!  I was going to workout whether I wanted to or not. I was going to eat right whether I wanted to or not. It’s NOT a daily choice! It’s a one-time commitment that you honor every day. You don’t have to ask yourself every day whether or not you will follow through. You are going to DO IT ANYWAY! PERIOD!

Even though I am your “coach”, you are really your own coach now.  Tell yourself you will do this.  Period.  No matter how much you feel like doing it or not, you will DO IT ANYWAY! PERIOD!

And you will never regret that decision! Ever! There are plenty of people out there who start strong and quit as soon as they don’t feel like doing it anymore. They are the ones with regrets. The ones who push through, push play, keep bringing it, and finish the race — they never regret it! They are the Success Stories you read about in magazines and watch on T.V.!

Are you going to make up your mind right now that no matter how much motivation you are feeling at the moment, that you will DO IT ANYWAY? 


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