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Excuse Busters!!

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Wow, can people come up with the wildest excuses to get out of everything.  I’ve realized that if people don’t want to do something, especially exercise, they just make an excuse.  They wont come out and just say, “I don’t want to do it”.  They just make something up.

So In honor of all those excuse makers out there, I’ve posted this great article I found on Fitbie that gives a little “tough love truth” to some of the most widely repeated excuses.  Enjoy.

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5 Exercise Excuses a Sweat Session Can Solve

Coming up with reasons to skip the gym can feel like a workout in itself. We’re here to squelch a few old stand-bys to help get you up, out the door, and building a better body

Exercise excuse: “I’m afraid I’ll trigger a migraine.”

Tough love truth: Exercise may ward off migraines just as well as drugs do.

Getting relief from the frequency of painful headaches could be as easy as hopping in the saddle.  Biking for 40 minutes three times a week yielded fewer migraines after 3 to 6 months, according to a 2009 study from University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden. Plus, participating cyclists reported that the occasional migraines they did have were less severe. In a follow-up study published last year, scientists assigned 90 migraine patients to a regimen of medication, relaxation exercises, or 40 minutes of cardio three times a week, and found a similar reduction in symptoms regardless of whether participants took drugs or worked up a sweat. The one difference: Popping a pill won’t burn any calories. 

Exercise excuse: “Ugh, but I have a cold.”

Tough love truth: Exercise boosts the immune system, helping to beat colds.

Don’t let a bout of sniffles sideline your fitness plan. Studies have consistently shown that working out regularly cuts down on sick days by as much as 66%—both this year and next. As far as that cold you’ve got right now, Ball State University researchers say it’s okay—and possibly even helpful—to break free of the tissue box and get moving. The team conducted two studies by intentionally infecting exercisers with the common cold. In the first, they measured lung power and exercise capacity and determined that performance wasn’t hampered. In other words, a run-of-the-mill head cold shouldn’t hold you back. In the second study, researchers had half the cold sufferers run for 40 minutes a day on a treadmill while the others rested. Symptoms were monitored and tissues were collected (and weighed) for snot output. The verdict: no measurable difference in recovery rates, though some of the exercisers did report feeling better after exercise.

Exercise excuse: “But I’ve got a big presentation at work today.”

Tough love truth: Exercise can make you the star of the boardroom.

Here’s a reason not to hit “snooze” the morning of your big presentation. It turns out that just 15 to 20 minutes of cardio  can boost mental performance, perhaps thanks to the release of hormones involved in your brain’s processing systems. Studies show postexercise participants score better on tasks that involve blocking out distractions (like that annoying coworker clicking his pen), solve math problems faster, and make better strategy decisions. But don’t go overboard—wearing yourself out with endless sprints or a 10-mile run may fatigue your brain rather than prime it for action. Stick to a conversational pace and limit your workout to 45 minutes or less.

Exercise excuse: “Oh, my aching back.”

Tough love truth: Exercise is the best Rx for back pain.

It’s normal to seek refuge in the comforts of the couch when bad back pain kicks in, but despite your instincts, rest may not be best. Studies have repeatedly found that moderate aerobic exercise—the kind that gets the blood pumping and lubricates joints—is helpful, while curling up on the couch and not moving can actually cause your muscles to tighten, worsening pain. Try brisk walking to increase circulation without excess pounding. (If you prefer running, ease back into it gradually). And don’t forget to incorporate stretching and strengthening moves such as yoga, Pilates, and weight training—which have all been found to be beneficial for back-pain sufferers. 

Exercise excuse: “I know I’m going to blow my diet later, so why bother?”

Tough love truth: A good workout can buffer a binge.

Squeezing in a workout the morning before an indulgent night on the town is one of the best things you can do to protect your cardiovascular system. (Can’t get yourself out of bed?  When you dive into an order of hot wings and nachos, the influx of fat causes a spike in “bad” fats, which can attach to the walls of your blood vessels and contribute to plaque formation and hardening of the arteries. Studies show that a moderate workout that burns at least 500 calories, however, buys you as much as 16 hours of improved fat-processing capabilities. If the festivities include sugary splurges (ahem, cocktails), that same workout can also help to counteract a temporary loss of elasticity of your blood vessels that ups your risk of heart disease, found Washington University researchers. Study subjects given the tough job of downing a candy bar and soda 17 hours after their exercise session pumped 28% more blood than those who took the day off from exercise.


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