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Find Your Why.

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Everybody has got a reason for doing the things they do.  What’s your reason for getting up in the morning?  What’s your reason for going to church on Sunday?  What’s your reason for eating healthy and working out regularly?  What’s your reason for NOT . . . eating healthy and working out regularly?  We all have a reason for doing the things that we do, good or bad.  The reason for getting healthier might be because of our families, our work, prestige or the need for a better life.  No matter what the reason, YOU have to decide what your “WHY” is.

Recently, I’ve been asking myself why I get up every morning at 4:45 to workout.  The simple answer is–I love to workout and stay fit.  I love the fact that I can do things now at 37 that I couldn’t do in my 20’s and teens.  I have realized the longer I workout the better I feel about myself, which means I’m happier and feel more accomplished.  

My philosophy has evolved from just wanting to get big and strong, to one that focuses on health and fitness.  The way I look at it, everyday that I workout is a another day I’m going to live a healthy life and everyday I eat a clean diet is putting more distance between me and the grave.  Its funny to say this, but at age 38 I feel better now than I did 5/10/15 years ago.  Getting better with age is a choice.

So, what’s your “WHY” for doing P90XInsanity or other Beachbody workouts?  Is it because it makes you feel good.  Well it should.  When you workout your brain increases the output of feel good chemicals like dopamine, nor-epinephrine, serotonin, and adrenaline.  These chemicals can stay in your body for almost a full day –that’s longer than most mood altering drugs.  Is it because your clothes don’t fit like they used to?  That’s one of the reasons I started.  My 38 pants were just a lllllittle to tight.  Maybe your “WHY” is for more energy, increase muscle, lower blood pressure, cholesterol or just a greater sense of hope, joy, and optimism.

We all need some motivation for something.  We have to find the “WHY” in everything to keep us going.  People need purpose. We need to define our “WHY”.  When we’re not planning and working towards something, our life starts to diminish, it starts to shrink.   I’ve made a list of things that helped keep me pushing play  and digging deeper everyday.  This is where my “WHY” comes from.

1.) Helping others and myself – As I said earlier, I enjoy working out for the benefits I’ve experienced through exercise — more energy, body fat lose, less stress and anxiety, better sleep, and increased cardiovascular endurance.  The more I got control of my eating and my workouts became more productive, I found that It helped improve every aspect of my life, including my walk with Christ.  When people noticed my transformation they began to ask question about what I was doing.  Helping others feel good and excited about their health and fitness has truly been motivating for me.  My goal, like Beachbody, is to “End the Trend” of obesity and help others get in the best shape of their lives.

2.) Variety – Who hasn’t started a workout only to put it back on the shelf because they got bored doing the same thing over and over.  The great thing about workouts like P90X is that each day is something different.  One day your doing Chest and Back, the next Plyometrics and then Shoulders and Arms- each day a new muscle and a new challenge.  For the past year I have taken a workout like P90X and mixed it with a super cardio workout like Insanity to create a hybrid program.  I have now successfully completed several hybrids mixing in P90XP90X+, 1 on 1’sInsanity and the Asylum.

3.) Accountability– When I would go to the gym there was always somebody to hold me accountable for my workouts.  The guys I worked out with everyday motivated me by how much weight they lifted or just by making me push harder to keep up with them.  My first thought when I started to workout at home was “its going to be hard to stay motivated when no one is watching”.  Well, I was wrong.  I became more motivated.  Each time I put in a P90X DVD I wanted to see if I could push myself more than the time before — I wanted to see if I could improve with each workout.  Now having this website keeps me motivated.  To hear others talk about their decision to get fit and healthy and knowing they are looking at me for answers is definitely motivation to push myself everyday.

4.) New wardrobe– For some people this my be your biggest “WHY”.  I can remember during my second month of P90X I began to notice my pants were starting to sag  (gangster style, LOL).  About every week or so I would go outside before work and drill a new hole in my belt.  By the end of my first P90X I had to cut an 8in. piece off the end of my belt to make it fit.  Now that’s a great feeling.  It wasn’t long before I was looking for new pants, new shirts and even new underwear.  Sorry, I know that was gross, but it was the TRUTH!!!

Again I ask you what’s your “WHY?”  I can’t decide that for you.  You have to decide for yourself what motivates you, what gets you going and better yet what kind of life do you want for yourself.  The one where you get older with more problems or the one that gets in the best shape of his/her life. 


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