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When you see the infomercials on T.V. , it is natural for people to want to know when they will personally see  results.  After all, P90X and Insanity are extreme programs that deliver  extreme results.  However, individual results vary greatly, as will the  time frame and nature of those results.  It also depends on how well you follow the “program”.  Just popping in a DVD and working out may not be enough for you to see the transformation you want.  If you look closely at the infomercials they state that the people you are seeing achieved results by following the workouts, as well as the nutrition plan that accompanied the workouts.  Proper nutrition is crucial when starting a workout program.  70% of your results will come from nutrition, not to mention the fuel that it will provide your body to work harder and get maximum results.

Body Fat verses Weight

Before I begin the post, I want to stress  that your most important measure of success with either P90X or Insanity,  or any other exercise program for that matter, is body fat.  If you are  decreasing your body fat, you are improving your physical condition.  You are losing  fat, even if you are not seeing much loss in your weight due to muscle  gain.  Muscle weights more than fat and muscle burns more calories than fat!

While there are several ways to calculate body fat, the easiest and most  consistent method is on  The Body Fat  Calculator on is under Eat Smart > Nutrition Tools.   If  you don’t have a account already, click here for a  free account.

Use that to track your real progress.

Insanity vs. P90X results

Insanity and P90X are clearly very  different programs.  Insanity is a plyometric cardio program, while P90X  is essentially a circuit training program with different forms of  cardio thrown in.  This means that you will get different results with  both programs.  For example, Insanity is a total body workout with emphasis on your lower body,  and will improve your conditioning more than any other program ever could.   P90X is 65% an upper body program using weights or bands, and you will see great toning  and/or muscle development in the upper body.

Given that the leg muscles are naturally the largest muscles in your  body, when you start to work them, especially with a plyometric workout,  you will put on leg muscle with Insanity.  This means that your fat  loss will be offset on the scale by your muscle growth.  So, for most  people, the scale is not the best way to determine your results.  After 60 days of Insanity, I lost only 10 pounds but 2 % of my body fat.

While P90X will also develop muscle, the muscle growth tends to weigh  less, so it is easier to lose weight on the scale.  However, that does  not mean that the scale will tell you the whole story, as you are still  putting on muscle, while losing fat.

The Hard Truth

The speed of your obvious results is also  impacted by how much you have to lose.  If you are already in good  shape, eat well, and are basically doing everything right, your results  will appear much slower than someone who has lots of fat to lose.  So  don’t expect immediate changes if you only have 10-15 lbs to lose.  If  you have less than 10 lbs to lose, you might not lose any weight as you  can easily lose 10 lbs of fat, while gaining 10 lbs of muscle.  However, your physical appearance will change so be sure to take your before and after photos to compare.

Biggest Results Come From Changes in Your Diet.

Assuming you have  significant weight to lose, you will likely see measurable weight loss  in your first weeks.  This is due to a change in diet.  When I first started P90X my intension was to lose 10 lbs . . . I lost 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks.  While you may  eat a lot following the P90X or Insanity nutrition plans, you are eating  whole foods that are not processed.  You will be eating less sodium,  which means that you will reduce pounds of water retention.  A great  deal of water retention is in your fat cells, so you will reduce body  fat.

Also, you will be eating less processed carbohydrates, which have a high Glycemic Index.  While you don’t have to understand the science behind  it, foods that have a high Glycemic Index cause an insulin release,  which causes carbs to be converted to fat for storage.  Also high  Glycemic foods are likely to increase cravings, while low Glycemic foods  keep your blood sugar steady, reducing cravings, so you eat less.

Diet Does Matter

A frequent question that comes up is to whether  a person can just do the exercises and not follow the nutrition plans.   In short, yes and no.  You will be in better physical condition to a  certain extent, but you will not get the weight loss or aesthetic  results that you might be looking for.  For amazing results you MUST follow the nutrition plan!  I talk to people weekly who perform the workouts without following the nutrition plan and they have zero to little results.  Its not worth the risk, eat right, get healthy and I promise you want regret it.

Insanity Results

If you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, or  are in good shape already, you will likely not see a lot, if any, weight  loss in the first few weeks.  As a matter of fact, you might not see  much over the life of the program.  However, you must calculate your  body fat.  It will be extremely likely that you lost many pounds of fat.   Again, you have to get what the scale says out of your mind.  That is  possibly the worst measure of success with Insanity.

I would especially advise you not to listen to when other people say  that they started to see results.  Everyone is very different.  If  someone says to expect to see results the next week, again don’t listen.   While you might, you very easily might not.  While such comments might  provide enough encouragement to get you to the next week, it can be a  major set back to when results don’t come.  Again, don’t worry about the  scale.  See how you do with body fat and your fit test.

P90X Results

P90X results tend to be much more consistent.  Many  people tend to lose weight early on if they follow the nutrition plan.   Also for people who have not recently done any strength training, they  tend to find that they are slimmer from the weight lifting.  However,  that is not universal.  Again, if you are in good shape, you results  will come slower.  You should see your numbers go up, with regard to  reps and weights, but you might not see too much weight or fat loss  early on.

However if you have good results early on, your results might slow down  once your body gets rid of all of the sodium and adjusts to the lack of  processed foods.  This is a good thing.  Then you are down to a  combination of fat loss and muscle gain.  While it is impossible to  state how the results may come for every individual, if you follow the  P90X nutrition plan, you will generally lose 1-2 pounds of fat a week on  a steady basis.  I averaged 3 lbs a week on my first round of P90X  While that may be a major slow down from the initial  weeks, it is a good sign that you are now tackling straight fat.


By doing P90X or Insanity, you will see major physical  improvements.  However, with regard to results, you have to stop focusing  on your weight and focus on your body fat.  Be aware  that everyone is different and that you should trust the programs, as  they have worked for countless people around the world.  Take it one day at a time and the results will happen!  


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