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Have Fun Working Out!!

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I hear it on a daily basis, when I start talking about working out and feeling great somebody will chime in with this statement, “I’m just not motivated enough to workout”.  Really, you are not motivated by feeling better, looking better and living a longer, healthier and more productive life?  The next statement I will usually hear goes something like this, “But the workouts are so long, I don’t have an hour a day to workout”.  Really, funny because the average American watches approximately 4 hours of T.V. a day.  Turn off the tube and I promise you’ll find the time to workout and you won’t miss it.  If you make up your mind you want to live a healthier life, YOU WILL FIND THE TIME TO WORKOUT, YOU WILL STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  It’s that simple, we make time for the things that are important to us.

I’m not going to keep hashing over that point because I recently found a post by Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, P90X 2 and 10 minute trainer and I wanted you to hear him talk about motivation, improving health and fitness.  The bottom line is that you can find something to motivated you: health, fitness, weight loss, better life, productive life, your kids, grand kids, getting into old, smaller cloths, etc.  Find something that keeps you motivated and stick with it, you won’t regret it.

Here’s a question people ask me: “I’m finding that my exercise routine is very intense and I’m seeing the benefits on day 1, so what can I do to stay motivated and keep going?”

Most folks struggle with motivation every day. I’m one of them. Motivation can be broken down into a few subcategories. My fifth Law of Health and Fitness is “Loving It.” Progress and motivation are possible if you look forward to your workouts. They have to be challenging and interesting to you. If you despise them before you start them, you’re not going to survive them for very long. If your reasons why are meaningful to you, then staying motivated is easier. I’m always promoting health, fitness, quality of life, and feeling good as reasons to get and stay motivated. Not to say that a person’s goal to lose weight or fit into smaller clothes isn’t motivating—it’s just that when these goals are obtained then new ones need to come into play.

When the numbers on your scale and measuring tape are low enough to make you happy then it’s important to start to explore some new numbers. I’m talking about numbers that relate to ability, improvement, and achievement. Your physical appearance will improve at a more rapid rate if you can start to exercise with your focus on power, speed, and strength. This mind set applies to both men and women. This means that your motivation comes from your desire to “Bring It” during exercise at home and out in the world. Let your P90X® or P90X 2 workouts trigger something new and bigger than anything you’ve done before. For me it’s skiing and gymnastics. For you it could be anything that pushes you beyond the confines of repeating the same workouts the same way, day after day.

Tony Horton


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