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One of the many excuses I here from people when talking to them about losing weight is, “I just can’t find the motivation.”  What?, you can’t find the motivation to lose weight!!  For those of you that have made this excuse over and over I’ve come up with a list of “MOTIVATION” for you.  I’m sure this is not a complete list but it should be enough to get even the laziest person off the couch!!

1.) Better Health -Although you’d think this would be the top reason people chose to lose weight, I think many see it as a side benefit.  It’s often the desire to look good that overrides the desire to be healthier.  Life can be an incredible experience, no matter what size you are, but just imagine all the extra things you can experience if you lose weight and lived a healthier lifestyle.  You owe it to yourself.

2.) Live Longer – If you knew eating better now could give you an extra year or two on your life, why wouldn’t you want to eat better?  No only will it help you live longer, but also improve your quality of life as well.

3.) Sleep Better – Insomnia? Restless nights? Tossing and turning?  Not when you are living a healthy lifestyle.  It’s hard to explain to you how much better I sleep since I made a lifestyle change to eat a clean diet.  I fall to sleep quicker and feel better rested than ever!!!  Now that’s a good reason to workout at 4:30 a.m., right? LOL

4.) More Energy – I hear it over and over and over, people will say, “I lost weight and I feel more energized.”  No more days of struggling to get through the day or tanking mid morning trying to stay awake.  No coffee, no soda just a healthy diet and healthy weight are all that I need to increase my energy level.

5.) Better Self Esteem – Even losing just 10% of your body weight can improve how you feel about yourself.  Little successes lead to bigger successes.  Make small goals and congratulate yourself when you achieve them. Keep setting the bar higher. Challenge yourself.

6.) Your Family– Running and having fun in outdoor activities with your family is so much easier when you’re not carrying extra weight around. You can frolic on the playground, go hiking, and play chase with the family.  Plus, you owe it to them to be healthy.

7.) Feel Younger – I have to admit when I lost 70 lbs I felt 20 years younger.  Although, I’m in better shape now then when I was 17 and a whole lot healthier.

8.) Prevent Injury – Weight loss takes stress off of your joints, ligaments and tendons that was compounded by the extra weight they were carrying.

9.) Too Look Good in the Mirror – A thinner body lends itself to more clothing options and clothes tend to hang better on a fit body. Even a few extra pounds can make a garment bunch or bind.  You know you like to stare at the mirror, think about how much better you would feel is that image got smaller.

10.) Reduce Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Diabetes -Everyone knows that those additional pounds, particularly in the mid-section increase one’s risk for life-threatening diseases. If you have genetic factors working against you already, why add to it with something you can control?

11.) Excuse to Buy New Clothes – when you feel good about your body, you feel sexier and buy clothing that accentuates your shapelier figure.    Sometimes rewarding yourself with a few new pieces of clothing can be a great way to motivate you to continue on your weight loss goals. If you’re still losing don’t invest too much money into new clothes just yet, but a few items can really help you.

12.) No More New Years Resolutions to Lose Weight – Just think, once you lose the weight, you no longer have “Lose weight” to put on your New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a goal you can check off.  What a great feeling of accomplishment.

13.) Inspire Someone Else – Most people know at least one overweight person in their life. You just may be the inspiration to make a life-altering change for them. If you have someone you’d like to help lose weight, try losing weight yourself and become a great example for them. If you have kids, let them see you accomplish your goal and let them reap the lessons you learn from the experience.

14.) Reduce the Risk of Cancer – More research is indicating a high cancer risk in people that are overweight or obese.  That’s all the motivation I need.

15.) Lower Blood Pressure – Overweight individuals usually will suffer from high blood pressure, which if goes unchecked can lead to heart disease, hypertension and eventually a heart attack.

16.) Lower Cholesterol – Levels of the artery-clogging substance often rise with age, and cardiologists say everyone 20 or older should be screened for high cholesterol at least once every five years, with more frequent screenings for anyone deemed to be at high risk for heart disease.  Introducing simple lifestyle modifications people often see significant reductions in cholesterol within six weeks.

17.) Get of Meds –  Many conditions requiring prescription medication, and even over-the-counter meds, can be traced back to the patient carrying around too much weight.  Losing weight often reduces the need for these medications or can sometimes reverse the effects so that they are no longer needed.  This can be very liberating and can save you money.


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