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Motivational Tips to Exercise

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HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Is that how you feel when its time to start exercising and eating right?  I know how you feel, it’s not easy when you make a lifestyle change that effects so many parts of your body and your life.  So I’ve come up with a list of things that helped me make the transition from junk food to healthy food and gym workouts to a home based workout.

We all know how important exercising is to our health, but most of us still find excuses to put it off.  It’s your health!  It’s your life!  It’s your future, and yet, we find excuses to avoid it!  Staying motivated to workout is tough, but here are a few things that I think might help:

Here are my Top 10 Motivational Tips to Exercise:

1. Ask yourself, What’s Your Why?: Why are you exercising? Are you trying to get in shape for an upcoming event? Do you want to lose weight, sleep better, up your energy, increase your strength, add muscle and flexibility, or just feel better about the way you fit in those jeans? If the reason you are exercising has anything to do with someone else (for example, your boyfriend says you need to lose weight or get in shape), you need a new reason (and, quite possibly, a new boyfriend).   Find your why!  What is it that is making you workout in the first place?  If you don’t workout and eat healthy for the right reasons you’re just going to end up back where you started.  CLICK HERE to read my article “What’s Your WHY?”

2. Set goals. Set both a short term goal, to achieve in three to six weeks, and a long term goal, to achieve over the course of a year.  Make sure your goals are achievable enough that they are not discouraging, but high enough that you have an incentive to tie your workout shoes each day.  It’s important to create goals that are going to be motivating!  Example, create a specific goal that you know you will benefit from and physically see yourself achieve, like, “I want to lose 5 lbs by the end of the month.”  Not, “I want to get skinny and strong.”  Too plain, too vague.  Focus on the details because that’s what you will notice!  When I starting using P90X may goal was to lose 10 lbs.  When the 90 days were up I lost 33 lbs and 14% of my body fat. So be prepared to meet or exceed your goal, you’re more likely to reach your goal if you write it down.

3. Keep an exercise journal or log. Write down how your exercise is making you feel each day.  How is your exercise benefiting your mood, energy levels, quality of sleep, weight, and so on?  Keep up with your journey as a way to stay accountable for continuing!  Place a giant star on your calendar each day to indicate that you completed your workout.  These visual rewards can be so motivating.   Also, schedule your daily exercise on your to do list and in your planner.  Think of it as simply something you need to do before your head hits the pillow.

4. Take photos. Take pics of yourself each month in your workout gear so you have a visual record of your results.  I know, I know… the before picture is always GROSS.  But use that as a motivator!  Snap those pictures and see your body changing!  I almost didn’t do this and after achieving my results I’m glad I did.

5. Join an online community. encourages you to log and track your exercise each day.   Also, Make Me Your Free Beachbody Coach so that we can work together and hold each other accountable for our workouts!  The buddy-system is a great way to stay on track and push yourself passed your comfort zone!

6. No more excuses. Identify the excuses you like to use and have a ready made response. If time is an issue, make sure your workout clothes are ready to go. I set out my mat, put my workout dvd in the night before so when I wake up I’m ready to workout . . . don’t waste time, if time is your excuse.  If lack of energy after work is the excuse, then force yourself to knock out your workouts before work.  I used to workout at night so I was always having trouble making excuses for missing.  So, now I workout before work at 4:30 A.M., no more distractions and no more excuses.  Whatever your excuses are, write them down and find a way to work around them.  Trust me, if there is a will, there is a way!

7. Get the right equipmentHaving the right fitness gear can make all the difference in the comfort level of your workout.  A good pair of shoes is essential.  I bought shoes that I only use for my workouts, nothing else.  Have the right weight dumbbells so your reps aren’t too hard or too easy.  Invest in a soft yoga mat for additional padding for your floor exercises.  Over the last 3 years I’ve add a stability ball, push-up stands, foam roller, heart rate monitor and resistance bands to add variety to my workouts.  If I don’t feel like lifting heavy that day, instead of skipping I will use resistance bands, its that simple.

8. Don’t be afraid to change up your routine. You’re not forced to do the same workout programs over and over again.  Once you finish a round of P90X or Insanity, feel free to venture out and pick up a new program or mix in a hybrid by combining two workout programs.  Especially if the program you finish has a sequel, such as P90X2 and Insanity: The Asylum!  Add zest to your workout and avoid the exercise plateau by increasing the intensity or the duration of your workout, or by trying a new workout to your agenda!  Checkout to find info on workouts, nutrition and motivation.

9. Try not to take more than one day off at a time. I have found this really important to avoid losing valuable momentum.  If I take two days off, it becomes very easy to take another day, and then another day. That means that if your workout is only part of your weekday routine, weave it into your weekend routine, too.  I’m currently working out 7 days a week and taking a break every three weeks.  I have to mention that some of my workouts are as short as 20 minutes, but they are tough.

10. Pick workouts that you are likely to do each day.   If you don’t enjoy too much cardio, then avoid workouts like Insanity or TurboFire and try P90X or Power90If you workout on a shorter lunch break, then look into 10 Minute Trainer!  Find a workout that suites your needs and lifestyle!

BONUS – Here are two more BONUS motivational tips:

11. Give yourself simple rewards! For long term goals, treat yourself to a new pair of athletic shoes or other fitness equipment that you feel will benefit your workouts.  For short term goals, consider a new fitness magazine, workout video, or simply a night out to the movies with your loved ones.  I you think you can handle it without going overboard maybe your favorite treat, but be careful.

12. Exercise for YOU! Try to think of exercise as something you do for yourself: a gift you give yourself, a way to stay balanced and focused, and to improve your health and fitness for a better life.  Make it your “ME” time to block out all of life’s stresses.


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