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My Insanity Review

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“Its the most intense workout ever put on DVD”. If you have ever seen the commercial for Insanity you have definitely heard these words. And after 2 or 3 of the workouts, I believed it. Insanity is different from p90X in that it is predominantly cardio. If you get the deluxe edition like myself, you will get 3 bonus discs, Insane Abs, sports interval training and a Upper Body Weight training routine. Besides the one weight routine everything else is extreme cardio. It’s probably the most intense workout that I have ever done or seen, and I’ve experienced alot of cardio workouts as a football player and coach. It’s crazy, its intense, IT’S INSANE!!!

I started to use Insanity after 2 rounds of P90X as another way to burn fat, get ripped and get in the best shape of my life. After 60 days with Shawn T and the Insanity nutrition guide, that’s exactly what happened. I dropped 10 lbs and 2% more body fat in 2 months. I felt great and realized that I was probably in better shape after Insanity at the age of 36, then I was at 26 when I was lifting and running 4 miles a day. Even in better shape than when I was 16 and conditioning for football practice.

I often get asked what are the big differences between P90X and Insanity. Well, I’ve already mentioned one earlier, alot of extreme cardio. If you have done P90X, Insanity is like doing plyometrics in fast forward. The workouts are also shorter, usually in the 40 to 45 minute range. So for some of you that have told me that you wanted to lose weight but had difficulty finding the time to do P90X, then Insanity would be a great choice. Another difference between the two workouts is that with Insanity your not going to necessarily see and increase in muscle size. So if your looking to add muscle mass, Insanity is not a good choice for you. If your looking to get ripped and toned while improving your cardiovascular health, I would definitely recommend Insanity. However, after completing 60 days of Insanity I went back and did a round of P90X and found that I had increased my reps and weight on many of the exercises.

What kind of equipment do I need for Insanity? If you purchase Insanity these are my 3 recommendations.

1.) A Towel – To wipe the large amounts of sweat that will cover your body throughout the workout. Also, to clean up the vomit in the floor during the workout. No, No, No, Just kidding!!!

2.) A tight shirt – Since your going to be doing of jumping, hopping and side to side movements, I would suggest a tight fitting shirt to keep the sweat from splashing all over the furniture. My wife recommends that as well.

3.) A mat – To catch the sweat that will eventually fall on the floor and create pools of water all over the place. That way you can easily clean up after your done and not ruin your carpet. My wife likes this one also.

That’s’ it. No special equipment, no weights just a commitment and the desire to push play everyday. When you finish an Insanity workout you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment. The satisfaction of completing and Insanity workout is an awesome feeling.

Insanity is not just a physical challenge, but a mentally one as well. As Shawn T says, you’ll have to “DIG DEEP” and find out what you’re made of. In the end you will be glad you accomplished it and I bet you will find you’re in the BEST shape of your life.

Post your thoughs in the comments below if you have tried Insanity, or have any questions about the workout.


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