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Need Workout Motivation?

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So why is it important for you to join a fitness challenge group?  According to if you need help reaching your fitness goals it’s important to have a partner, even if they’re a virtual one.  So, why go to a gym?  Why start a workout program by yourself ?  Come and join us at and let us help you reach your optimal health.

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Need workout motivation? Try a virtual partner


Can’t find a gym buddy? Don’t sweat it — new research shows that even a virtual exercise partner might boost your motivation to exercise.

Researchers found that women who biked alone experienced a decline in motivation over time, whereas those partnered with a virtual friend had no decrease in motivation.

Additionally, women without partners biked for an average of 11 minutes, while women with virtual partners biked for 20 minutes. Women who cycled in a group and also had a virtual friend biked for 22 minutes.

This increase “is a substantial gain for those trying to increase their physical activity,” said study researcher Brandon Irwin, a doctoral student at Michigan State University.

Women who biked alongside a “virtually present” exercise partner were told their partners were biking at the same time they were, on a similar bike in another location. But in fact, the virtual friend was a recording of someone going just slightly faster than the individual.

The findings suggest that virtual workout partners could motivate people to meet their exercise goals, the researchers said.

The 58 women in the study were recruited from MSU’s physical activity courses. The researchers divided the women into three groups — one group exercised alone, while a second group exercised with virtual partners. The third group exercised together, and each woman was also paired with a virtual friend. Researchers recorded data over six exercise sessions.

Studies have shown that working out in groups yields longer participation; the researchers said they wanted to see if the same logic applied when the “group” was virtual. The results suggested that a virtual group may be effective at persuading people to keep going.

Lack of motivation is a major barrier that prevents people from exercising as much as they should and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the researchers said.

The study was published online recently in the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine.


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4 Responses to “Need Workout Motivation?”

  1. Jeff Deutsch says:

    I have just chosen you as my coach. I am looking forward to connect with you and your group from time to time. I had a coach who lived in Memphis but for some reason they are not actively participating any more. I need the accountability and hoping that I can get that in this virtual environment. I’d like to thank you in advance for your support, Jeff.

    • Coach Greene says:

      Thanks Jeff, I’m very excited to help you on your fitness journey. If there is anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Cliff Heim says:

    Just switch coaches.

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