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Obesity Epidemic

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It’s a “New Year” and it seems like everyone is heading to the gym, looking for the latest diet fade or find a magic pill to lose the extra pounds they’ve added from the last year.  Will the crowd that rushes to the gym in early January still be there in March when the weather improves to enjoy the outdoors and their New Year’s resolution is a distant memory?  Statistically 3/4’s of Americans who start a weight loss program will quit within the first 3 months of the year!!  

Why is that?  The biggest reason is the lack of a support system.  Most people try to workout but are unsure about the exercises they should be doing or how many sets is best for weight loss or building muscle.  Without a support system those that make New Year’s resolutions have more questions than answers about a nutrition plan.  When 80% of your results are coming from a proven nutrition plan and you’re still eating the same junk as before but adding a few workout sessions, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.  The result is the current obesity epidemic we face in the United States  

I’m going to start off by asking you a question.  What’s the biggest problem facing Americans today?  Would you say terrorism or maybe the economy?  Do you think many Americans would list obesity at the biggest concern for them right now?  No, probably not.  In reality obesity in America has become one of the biggest issues that we face today.  Statistics tell us that at the current rate of obesity in the U.S., children can expect to die younger than their parents.  How crazy is that?  With modern technology, science and medical breakthroughs people of future generations should be living longer, not less.  However, this has become our legacy.  Checkout the following statistics and watch the trailer from “Killer at Large”.     

1) The Terror From Within – In 2006, 28 Americans lost their lives to terrorism. In
that same year, 112,000 people lost their lives to obesity.

2) Preventable Death – Last Year, Obesity took over Smoking
as the leading cause of preventable death

3) The Financial Cost – The financial burden of the rising generation to obesity
related health care costs is estimated to rise to $4 Trillion! That is
$1 out of every $5 spent in America.

This is one of the reasons why I became aBbeachbody coach and started this website.  I wanted to help people get physically as well as spiritually fit because they are mutually exclusive.  When I got my physical priorities under control then my spiritual discipline fell into place as well.  So, the mission of Beachbody and for thousands of coaches like myself is to “End the Trend”.  Help people to realize they can be fit and happy and improve their quality of life.  I have linked a couple of videos that I came across that I wanted to share with you in case you were not convinced about how big a problem obesity is in this country.  Take a look.

  First, take a look at this simple chart that shows the obesity levels (BMI >30)  between 1985 and 2009.

Now, where are we today? Unfortunately, America is continuing to the downward spiral. This clip from ABC News is a great report that highlights the challenges that not only U.S. Adults are facing, but also our children.(ABC has disallowed embedding the video, so when you click below it will bring you to YouTube.)

If you have ever seen the movie Wall-E, its an honest look at what Americans are facing if we allow this trend to continue.  Hopefully with the help of Beachbody and thousands of coaches helping people get in the best shape of their life, we can “End the Trend”.  Since I started with a question, I’m going to end with a question.  Have you ever known anyone who has loss a ton of weight, get in great shape and say they didn’t like being that way?


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