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Physical Fitness, How to Measure Yours.

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You’ve trained for months, you’ve eaten healthy and transformed your body and your life, but how physically fit are you?  You could go to the doctor and have your vitals checked, heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol  etc., those are all good things to know and things that you should get checked, but they only tell part of the story.  What are other ways that you can measure your results and determine your physical fitness?

Most health experts agree there are 5 components of physical fitness, and these components represent how fit the body is as a whole.  Isn’t that what you really want to know, your OVERALL level of fitness.  Most people think that being physically fit means being in good health. Others think it means lifting a certain amount of weight or being able to run at a  particular speed and distance in a certain time.  

So, how do you define physical fitness?  Physical fitness is a set of attributes that people have or achieve relating to their ability to perform physical activity or another definition is that physical fitness is a state of well-being with a low risk of early age health problems and energy to participate in a variety of physical activities.

Total fitness is defined by how well your body performs in each of 5 categories.  Here’s what you should know about the 5 components of physical fitness.

The Components of Physical Fitness

The five components of physical fitness are:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition

These 5 components measure your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen as fuel, your muscular strength and endurance, the flexibility of your joints and your total body fat.

For best results it’s best to test each of these components.  All Beachbody programs come with some type of fitness test to measure all of these components so that a you can get the most out of your workout.  

1.) Cardiovascular Endurance

Your cardiovascular endurance is the ability of your heart and lungs to work together to fuel your body with oxygen.  For workouts like Insanity, Turbo Fire and select workouts in other programs cardiovascular endurance is key to getting through the workout and getting in the best shape of your life.  These workouts are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance.

2.) Muscle Strength

Muscle strength refers to the amount of force a muscle can exert, in a single effort. Exercises like the bench press, squats, shoulder press and any core exercise can be used to measure muscle strength.  Workouts like P90X, P90X 2 and Body Beast would be perfect for measuring your overall body strength from head to toe.

3.) Muscle Endurance

Muscle endurance refers to the ability of a muscle to perform a continuous effort without fatiguing.  To measure muscular endurance you will need to perform a lot of reps and there is no better workout than Les Mills Pump.  It uses the “rep effect” to push your muscles to the limit.  The 3 main workouts will have you performing over 800 reps and burning fat at the highest rate.  Another measure of muscle endurance is the ability to lift a particular weight over a number of sets without having to lower the weight from fatigue. 

4.) Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability for each joint to perform its full range of motion. Flexibility can be tested by stretching individual muscles or by performing exercises found in P90X 2.  All Beachbody programs come with warm-up and stretching routines for your workout.

5.) Body Composition

Body composition refers to the amount of body fat you have, versus the amount of lean muscles, bones and organs. There are several tests that can be used to measure body composition. The easiest can be performed in your own home, called the pinch test.  With a set of calipers (very cost effective) you can easily fold your skin in at least 3 places and get an idea of your body fat percentage.  By performing more than three pinches on other parts of the body you can get a more accurate measurement.  CLICK HERE to find out more about measuring body fat. 

Improving Individual Components

An effective fitness program includes all 5 components of physical fitness.   Now that you have all of the tools you need to truely measure your physical fitness its time to “push play” to improve your physical fitness level and continue to be health and fit.  


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