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Review – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

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If you haven’t all ready, you need to watch this documentary, Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead (NetFlix).  I have to say that it is a must see and very eye opening.  Not just for the weight that the two stars of the film lost, but for the comments that some of the people in the film make about their health.  There were those that did seem concerned but many have made the decision that this is just the way God has made them or that they have no hope of losing any weight, so why try.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, God did not make them this way, in fact I believe that God wants all of us to live healthy and productive lives.

Its good to see there are more movies and documentaries on the market these days that talk about diet and fitness.  First it was Super Size Me, which brought to light how bad fast-food is for our health.  Then it was Food, Inc..  And now the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which features juicing as a way to radically improve your health, is causing quite the stir.

The story begins with Joe Cross, who goes on a cross-country road trip while doing a fruits-and-veggies juice fast for 60 days (60 days!).  On his way to improving his health and losing weight, he meets and inspires Phil Staples—a 420-pound truck driver from Iowa—who just happens to have the same rare autoimmune disorder that Cross does.  While the movie starts by following Cross’ journey, it quickly morphs into Staples’ tale of overcoming depression and getting his life back. Along with incredible amounts of weight lost, both men are able to go off all medication by the end of the movie.  And it’s all done through nutrition, along with some exercise. (It’s possible!)

Let me be clear, I have never done a juice fast, and what the men in this film did was extreme.  But, these two men needed something drastic to get back on track. They were both unhappy, totally unhealthy and facing early deaths.  So the fact that they did something severe to deal with their life-threatening issues, I can forgive and even applaud.  Not to mention that both of them continued eating (and not just drinking) tons of fruits and veggies along with other healthy foods after the fast, and they got their exercise on—as a way of life.

With that said, the documentary’s complimentary Reboot Your Life program is interesting—and free.  And the impact that juicing has on these guys’ energy, health and lives makes me want to give juicing a go, even if it’s just as a snack here or there.  This movie goes to prove that with a proper diet you can lose weight, you can be medication free and you can live a healthy and productive life . . . If YOU want to!!



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