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Vacation Time!!!

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So, school is almost out and its vacation time and my family has two planned this year.  You know that means,  I dump the tap and track, eat pretty much what I want and don’t exercise until I get back . . . right?  Not a chance, I’ve worked too hard to fall back into the same eating habits that kept me sick, overweight, feeling guilty and out of shape.

But its suppose to be a vacation.  You’re supposed to be resting.  There is something I realized over my transformation the last two years, your body nor your health goes on vacation.  If it takes two to three workouts to make up for a cheat meal, then the way I figured that would mean about 10 workouts to get back on track after the vacation is over for most people.  If your trying to lose weight or if you’re like me and wanting to maintain all the hard work you have put in to get in shape, then its not hard to workout, even on vacation.  I coached football for 17 years and I now a little about momentum.  If I take a vacation from my workouts/nutrition its going to be harder to restart and continue my momentum than it would be to workout while on vacation.

I recently went on vacation for five days in the mountains.  I decided before I left that I was going to maintain my workouts and the nutrition plan that I started on my current workout.  So, how do you do that on vacation?

The first thing is that you have to plan ahead.  Just like I planned out what I was going to pack in my suitcase, I planned out what I needed to keep my workouts going and my nutrition on track.  I brought along a small suitcase that was filled with the following:

1.) Multi Vitamins

2.) Whey Protein

3.) Shakeology

4.) Magic Bullet Mixer

5.) DVD case with all of my P90X, P90X2,P90X3,P90X+, Body Beast, 1 on 1′s, Insanity and Asylum workouts.

6.) Shopping list of foods that I would buy at a local grocery store when I reached my destination.

Once I arrived at the condo, I realized the gym was inadequate for my workout program.  However, the living room had a T.V., DVD player and plenty of room when I moved the coffee table.  Poof! instant gym.  Since I didn’t have weights or bands, I used workouts that didn’t require any equipment.  Thats why having multiple workouts comes in handy.  When I’m at home it gives me variety but when I travel it allowed me to pick the workouts that best fits my situation.

The second thing you have to do is decide when you’re going to get your workout in.  Since our days where filled with swimming, travel and site seeing, I decide that it was best for me to workout at night after my girls went to bed.

Was it hard to workout at night on vacation? Yes

Was I tired before the workouts? Yes

Did I do the best I could and get the best workout possible? Yes

Did I feel guilty for not working out? No

Did I wonder how much weight I had gained over the last 5 days? No

Did I think about how hard it was going to be to get restarted when I got back? No

Looking back at it now, I felt better on this vacation then I have on any previous trip.  Why was that?  I truely believe it was because I continued to eat the proper nutrition (even when eating out) and maintained a high level of exercise that gave my body much needed energy.  On previous trips I would eat fatty, high calorie foods and a dessert at every resturant I walked in.  The result, I felt tired, guilty and put on unwanted pounds that I would unsuccessfully try to work off later.

So, if you’re going on vacation or just travel because of your job, remember you can make all of the excuses not to workout or eat right when you’re away, but the one’s who are the most successful at the job, marriage, fitness or their walk with Christ are the one’s who don’t make excuses.  If you’re the type to make excuses, click here and checkout this video of Cammie Lusk. 

When your next vacation or work travel comes up, plan ahead, make good food choices and I promise you’ll feel better and look better when you return.


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