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Before 220 – Body Fat 24%               After 177 – Body Fat 6 %                          

Like most people who workout regularly, I was dedicated and never missed a workout from the time I started exercising at the age of 11. My biggest struggle from high school to college was that I could not put on weight. I even went so far as to drink two chocolate milkshakes with my lunch, that way I could not sweat off any weight while I was at work.(I worked outside 12 hours a day in the summer)

As I got into my 20’s and 30’s gaining weight was not a problem, it was the problem. My weight steadily increased until I had reached 247 pounds in January of 2006. From that point on I started looking for an answer, however my idea was to workout for over an hour (powerlifting style) and eat junk food all day. I never understood how important and benificial nutrition was until I got P90x.

On March 9, 2009 after years of stuggling for answers to my weight problem I dedicated myself to not only the p90x workouts but to the nutrition plan as well. I was shocked at how fast the weight came off and how strong I was becoming, both mentally, physically and spiritually.  After 90 days of p90x I was hooked. Next, was Insanity, then P90x plus, Tony Horton 1 on 1’s and now, The Asylum.  

Because of the impact these workouts had on my life I decided to become a beachbody coach and pay it forward to help those who were just like me and didn’t have all the answers.  If you would like for me to be your coach and help motivate you to reach your fitness goals then start by clicking here.  Fill out the form and let me help you get started on tranforming your health and fitness.


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    Great story man, and awesome results!

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