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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

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Are you eating too much sugar?  The American Heart Association recommends 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men as a daily average.  However, the average American consumes 22 a day!!! Yikes.  Too help you read labels, 4 grams of sugar is 1 teapsoon.  Most soft drinks have between 18 to 25 teaspoons of sugar.  Not good.  But be careful, sugar hides in packaged… foods under many names.
Watch out for these aliases:
 brown rice syrup
 corn sweetener
 corn syrup
 evaporated cane juice
 fruit-juice concentrate
 high fructose corn syrup
 lactose (Milk)
 malt syrup
 rice syrup
 These are just a few, I have not even included all of the artificial sweetners.  Sometimes you will see more than one at a time, tricky.  A good rule of thumb is to skip any product that lists sugar as one of its first four ingredients.
In a recent USDA study, it was discovered that Americans consume 134 pounds of refined sugar every year, or approximately 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. 
Consider the following facts:
* 12 oz. can of Pepsi contains 10 teaspoons of sugar
*2 oz. package of candy contains 11 teaspoons of sugar
*16 oz. cup of lemonade contains 13 teaspoons of sugar
* A cup of Frosted Flakes contains 4 teaspoons of sugar
Why is sugar so dangerous? Sugar at high levels contributes to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease due to elevated triglycerides, kidney stones, dental problems, and tiredness. 
So how do I decrease my sugar intake?  The easiest way is to avoid foods that are high in refined sugars, such as soft drinks, candy, cake, and donuts, as well as most condiments.  Ketchup is the worst.  Ketchup itself  is high in sugar.  About 20% of the condiment being comprised of sugar and can add a significant number of calories to your food.  Three or four tablespoons with your meal you could be in for an added 80 to 100 calories that you weren’t expecting. Do the math and add this amount of ketchup every day for a month and you’ve just gained a solid pound of body weight.
When you buy your food, look for products that are sweetened with apple juice or stevia, rather than sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.  Reducing the sugar intake in your diet will not only help you feel more energized, but will ultimately help you lose weight and get healthy.




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