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How To Eat Veggie’s

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Like most Americans I use to hate vegetables, however, over the past 3 years I’ve learned to eat more and more veggies by sneaking them into many of the foods I eat everyday.  Here is a list of ways that I hide my veggies in my food.

1) Add Veggies to Your Eggs – I personally like adding veggies to scrambled eggs.  My favorites are veggies like spinach, peppers, and kale.

2) Swap Fries for a side Salad – Replace your side order of fries with salad when ordering at restaurants, beware of the add on’s that can add calories and fat, such as croutons, salad dressing and ham.

3) Dip Veggies – Dip veggies like celery, carrots, and broccoli into healthy fats like hummus or guacamole to make them tastier.

4.) Buy Pre-Cut Veggies – Use pre-cut vegetables as a great nutritional time saver to throw into any home-cooked meal.  I also like to mix my veggies in a blender to make them easier to hide and add to dishes.

5. ) Go Meatless  – Avoid eating any meat, instead I replace meat with peppers and spices to fill up on.

6.) Stock up on Frozen Vegetables – Fresh vegetables are great, but they tend to spoil before we are ready to use them. If you have frozen vegetables on hand, you won’t have to make any excuses!

7.) Add Veggies to Chopped Meat – Grate vegetables like carrots, squash, cucumber, spinach or peppers  into things like turkey patties, meatballs, or meatloaf for added flavor.

8.) Add Vegetables to Soups – Soups are another great way to get more veggie into your life.  All good soups start with a strong vegetable base such as onion, celery, carrot, and peppers.  I can eat just about any chopped up veggie if its add to soup.

9.) Eat Vegetable Soup As An Appetizer – Serve vegetable soup as an appetizer to fill up & avoid over-eating less nutritional dishes.

10.) Double the Veggies in Your Recipes – Double the amount of vegetables in certain recipes and you’re way ahead of the game

11.) Add Spinach With Lettuce – Pile spinach on your sandwiches in addition to lettuce, or use it as a substitute for eggs, soups, salads or spaghetti sauce.  

12.) Make A Vegetable Smoothie – I love to make a vegetable smoothie with Ninja.  Add an apple or two to make it a little sweeter.  

13.) Add Veggies to Spaghetti Sauce – Spaghetti sauce can help make vegetables taste a lot better and create an appealing consistency. Mushrooms, onion, peas, green beans can all add great flavor and nutrients.

14.) Veggie Mashed Potato – Mix cauliflower in with mashed potato, or use it as a substitute, you can’t tell the difference.

15.) Drink Water Not Soda/Juice – Drinking water is vital to maintaining a fit and healthy body, plus cutting out fruit juices and soda has been shown to increase appetite for vegetables.

16.) Add Vegetables to Chili – the more vegetables you include, the better the flavor & texture.  Try different combinations until you find your favorite.

17.) Drink Shakeology – One glass is packed with over 70 + whole foods that will provide you with your daily servings of fruits and vegetables for on around $4.00 a day.  

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