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Keep It Off!!

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Man, doesn’t it feel great to reach your health and fitness goal?  So, I guess its time to sit back, relax and take it easy for a while, right?  NO WAY!!  Hitting your target and getting in the best shape of your life is not the time in which you should stop pushing play and throw your nutrition out the window.  Keeping weight off can be harder than shedding pounds in the first place, especially when you look at it as a 90 journey and not a lifestyle change.

How do you keep off the weight that you have worked so hard to get rid of? Below are a list of 8 strategies that you can use to help KEEP IT OFF!!

CLICK HERE to watch a video of my P90X/Insanity transformation and my shopping list.

1.) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Skipping the first meal of the day may seem like a smart strategy for reducing the total number of calories, but eating breakfast has important weight loss and weight maintenance benefits.  If you spread your calories out throughout the day, you avoid the peaks and valleys in hunger that can lead to overeating.  Plus, a quality breakfast that consist of at least 30 grams of protein will help kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning.

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2.)  Eat a Boring Diet

Researchers at the University of Buffalo discovered that people who ate macaroni and cheese every day took in significantly fewer calories than those who ate the cheese-covered noodles only once a week. The reason: The novelty of new foods drives us to consume more, so by removing the novelty, we feel fuller, faster.  I’m not suggesting you choose one meal and eat it every day for the rest of your life, but the more routines you establish, the more your belly will shrink.  I started with lunch and replaced it with Shakeology everyday, the great thing about Shakeology is I have literally hundreds of recipes to choose from.  If you find yourself scratching your head every day when the clock strikes noon, you’ll end up eating impulsively and taking in more calories. Instead, pick something healthy, like Shakeology or salad with alternating ingredients, and eat it every day. The best advice is to commit to making more dinners at home.

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3.) Stay Strong on Special Occasions

Allowing a little wiggle room in your eating and exercise plan during weekends, holidays, and vacations might make your weight loss plan easier to stick with for the long haul.  However, flexibility also makes it easier to fall victim to high-risk situations, like overindulging during a weekend outing to the movies, a child’s birthday party or a sporting event.

4.) Monitor your weight regularly

Keep stepping on the bathroom scale.  A regular check of your weight (at least once a month) is a great way to stay on track and not let a little extra weight sneak up on you.   The best way to know if what you’re doing is working is by checking in and using the scale.  There are also a lot of great tools that you can use to track your fitness.  Two of the best in my opinion are MyFitnessPal and Tap and Track.  With MyFitnessPal you can link up with others and watch what the other is eating on a daily basis.  It also tracks all of your proteins, carbs, fats, etc.  Tap and Track is also a great way to keep track of what you eat and monitor your daily intake.

5.) Turn off the T.V. and get off the couch

Not surprising, keeping weight off requires keeping yourself off the sofa.  According to a Nielsen study, the average American watched 34 hours and 29 minutes of TV a week between October and December of last year.

If you cut back on your TV time then you will have more time to be physically active and you will be less likely to consume large amounts of junk food.

6.) Exercise for 1 Hour a Day

It’s no secret that I’ve gotten better results from working out 1 hour a day with P90X/Insanity and P90X 2  just to name a few.  What’s great about these workouts is that I’m finished in under an hour, they include an easy to follow nutrition guide, I can do them in the privacy of my own home and there is no guess work in how I’m going to workout that day.

7.) Focus on being healthy and the pounds will come off and stay off.

Swimsuit season is a great excuse to slim down, but a real commitment to making lasting lifestyle changes is likely to result from something a little more serious, like your doctor’s advice or a medical emergency.  The relationship between weight maintenance and medical triggers, like being instructed by a doctor to lose weight or witnessing a family member suffer a heart attack.  For me, being an example to my kids is great motivation.  I decided I didn’t want to be that overweight, out of shape dad who was too out of shape to spend time with his kids.

8.) It Gets Easier Over Time

I discovered early on in my fitness journey that the longer I committed to a lifestyle change, the easier it got to keep it a part of my daily routine.  Over time, staying slim will require fewer sacrifices and less obsessing about your lifestyle.  Yet you’ll still reap all the rewards of weight loss success.


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