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Mistakes Making You Fat!

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I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of all of the above.  I always tried to eat health, and for the most part I thought that I was.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake that many people make, brain washing myself into thinking that it really didn’t matter or I’ll make it up later.  This is a list of some things that we all do that help expand our waistlines and deteriorate our health.

1.) Not Eating. It’s ironic that I consider this to be the number one mistake you can make if you’re trying to lose fat. After all, you’re supposed to be taking in less food, not more, so doesn’t it kind of make sense to skip a few meals?

Not at all. The problem isn’t eating. You need to eat. It’s just that when we eat, we tend to eat too much, and what we eat usually isn’t very good for us. The problem only gets worse when we’re hungry. That’s when we lose all control and devour whatever is in front of us. If you haven’t prepared anything ahead of time, it’ll probably be junk food.

There’s a second reason I consider this the number one mistake you can make. It’s also the easiest mistake to make. When you’re working all day, it’s really easy to lose track of time and get caught up in things when you should be stopping to eat some lunch or have a snack. We need to teach ourselves to prepare our food ahead of time, put down what we’re doing, and enjoy a good meal. It’ll makes us more productive and less fat in the long run.

2.) Not Sleeping. A very close second to not eating.  I’m very bad at this one.  When you don’t sleep, you tend to eat more to regain the energy you would have gotten from a full night’s rest. Since being tired also makes you feel less willing to exercise, it turns into a vicious cycle. You never exercise to your full potential because you’re tired, and then you eat more to compensate for your lack of energy.

Turn off the T.V. and go to bed earlier. Do whatever you have to do feel fully rested and at your full potential. Don’t skimp on sleep. It will make you fat.

3.) Believing what the label says.   Low-fat, all-natural, heart healthy, low sodium, fortified, lite, multi-grain, yada, yada, yada.  Just because a manufacturer prints it on the box doesn’t mean its true or that its healthy.  You’d be surprise to discover how often these words mean nothing.  Some food packaging is so deceptive you have no way of knowing which foods will lead to a long and healthy life and which ones will undermine every effort you make to control your weight and your health. 

4.) Buying convenience food. Whatever food doesn’t require preparation is the food that will aways gets eaten first. Just by virtue of purchasing salty convenience snacks, you are making a big mistake. When you get home, and you’re hungry, you’ll grab the chips before you make the rational decision to prepare a proper meal. Don’t give yourself the option to cheat like this every day!

Our culture is heavily geared towards food. Most social gatherings, whether we like it or not, revolve around food. So when you’re the one refusing food for health reasons, it comes off as a little strange.  Don’t worry. Your friends will get used to it. 

5.) The weekend bender. A lot of people treat the weekend as an excuse to be completely reckless with their eating habits.  Then we repeat the process until Monday, when we magically decide it’s time to get back on track.

If you’re at all serious about this, you’ll realize that you have to adhere to it most of the time. Eating whatever you want and drinking whatever you feel just won’t cut it most days. You might be able to do it once a month or on holidays, but you just won’t see good results unless you stick with it almost every day.

Does that make your weekends less exciting? Maybe. But if you have real goals, and you care about them, you’ll do what’s right. The weekend isn’t the time to lose your mind. Find something fun to replace all the junk food, snacking, and television watching.

I’m guilty of each one of these, and that’s okay. They are very easy traps to fall into, especially when you grow up in a society that’s so centered around food. The next time you catch yourself doing one of these things, stop and consider how it’s effecting your ability to achieve your goals. Whether you like it or not, these 5 things will make you fat.


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2 Responses to “Mistakes Making You Fat!”

  1. Nick G says:

    Hey Coach Greene! Stumbled across your site through one of your comments over on Coach Wayne’s site. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. My biggest struggle is number 5, I am definetly a weekend bender! I will go about 40 days eating perfect, tracking everything and hitting the right percentages everyday and feeling and looking great. But around day 40 I always cave in to my weakness, ice cream! It starts with just one night and then again the next night and a week later I’ve had ice cream every night. I’m really trying to get serious now though. I’ve done p90x twice and am in phase 3 of my 3rd hybrid of p90x, asylum, and 1-on-1s and it is such a shame that I work so hard during the workouts and have nothing to show for it due to poor nutrition. Reading these articles that people like you and Coach Wayne post are a huge help and give me great motivation. Thank you!

    • Coach Greene says:

      Hey Nick,
      You’re right that’s a tough one. My problem is that where I live we have 3 frozen yogurt shops within just a few miles of each other. I try to limit to maybe once a month and I mix my yogurt with straberries, raspberries and blueberries. One great thing about having this site and becoming a beachbody coach is that I know I’m being held accountable and people are watching. It sounds like you got the workouts down, just keep working on the nutrition and plugging into the websites for motivation, I know its helped me.

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