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My 10 Must Haves For Weight Loss

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 People have lost weight in a variety of ways.  But there is a difference between losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.  How many people do you have lost a ton of weight only to put it back on in a short period?  The reason is because they didn’t commit to a healthy lifestyle.  They did it through some fad diet or crazy workout gadget that brought weight loss success for a time and then inevitable failure.  As I stated in another article “My Eating Lifestyle” (click here)

DIETS don’t work over long periods of time.  So, to give you a little help I have come up with my Top 10 Must Haves For Successful Weight Loss.  These are the things that I do and the have helped me be successful for over 2 years with my health and fitness.

1.) Decide – You have to decide for yourself.  Nobody else can do it for you.  Your husband or wife cant do it, your brothers or sisters cant do it, your friends and family cant do it.  Only YOU can make that decision.  One reason I made the decision to get healthier was that I realize what 1 Corinthians 6:19 was saying, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, who you have received from God? You are not your on.”  I not only realized that living a healthy lifestyle would help me in my christian faith but that I also wanted to be a good example for my kids and their health.  God created us to be healthy and strong not sick, weak and overweight.

2.) Commit – When you decide you are ready for a fitter and healthier lifestyle you need to commit to a workout program.  I don’t care what it is!  It can be a beachbody workout like P90X, Chalean Xtreme or Insanity, running, walking, biking,  it doesn’t matter, get up and move!  I recently watched a program where they are now taking heart attack patience’s and getting them to perform intense exercise  only weeks after their attack.  When you commit you will need to commit to exercise 5 to 7 days a week and the workouts can last from 15 to 20 minutes to over an hour.  But you have to make the commitment to do SOMETHING!

3.) Track what you eat – If you are not tracking what you eat, I guarantee you are eating more calories, fats, sugars, carbs and protein than you think.  Before I began to track what I eat, I thought I was eating  healthy but soon realize I was over eating, big time.  It sounds hard but I use a tracking app called Tap & Track.  It has a restaurant database, super market database or you can add your food automatically.  Not only does it track what you eat but you can add the percentage of carbs, protein and fat you want and it will track those as well.  You can even put in your workouts and calories burned that day.  

4.) Read Labels – When reading labels there are a few things to keep in mind.  Typically, the more ingredients something has, the more unhealthy and processed it is.  If something has artificial flavors in it that can actually make you gain weight.  Recent studies have proved that artificial sweeteners cause you to get hungry and eat more food, thus you gain more weight.  I’ll speak more on this later.  Watch out for additives like High Fructose Corn syrup, sodium nitrite (nitrates), enriched flour, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, maltodextrin and too many others to mention.  The best thing to do is eat as many foods as you can that contain the least amount of ingredients. 

5.) Supplement – You can eat a healthy diet and still not get all of the required minerals and nutrients that your body needs to function at an optimal level.  That’s why it is important to supplement.  The supplements that I take are Cod Liver Oil (high in vitamins A and D), One a Day Multi-Vitamin, EAS Protein and Shakeology.  You have to be careful not to over do your supplements.  Remember too much of anything is not good for your body.  Study the amounts of certain vitamins and minerals your body needs and try to meet those everyday.  Everybody will be different because each person will be at different fitness levels and workout levels.  Find the amount that’s right for you.

6.) Accountability – Find people that you know can give you support and motivation.  Don’t do this alone.  Get with somebody that will keep you accountable.  That’s why getting coaching from beachbody is so important.  You track your progress and workouts everyday, there will be hundreds of people just like you in the chat rooms or WOWY super gym to motivate you if you need it.  A beachbody coach like me can help you reach you health and fitness goals.

7.) Don’t Cheat – The problem with cheating is that most people are not able to handle one cheat meal, especially at the beginning of your new lifestyle.  The problem with cheat meals is that it takes 2 to 3 workouts to recover from 1 cheat meal.  So why would you want to cheat.  When I first started with P90X I made the decision that I was going to follow the nutrition plan and not cheat.  As a result I got awesome results, I lost 33 pounds and dropped 14% of my body fat (24% to 10%).  I didn’t even eat a piece of my birthday cake that year and surprisingly it was not that difficult because I had already made up my mind not to cheat.  Now, that being said, I do occaonally have a cheat meal, but it came only after I had reached my fitness goals and knew I could control it.

8.) Eat Often – For me this was the best part about changing to a healthier lifestyle, the fact that I could eat every 2 to 3 hours.  Your metabolism converts food into fuel and determines how efficiently you burn that fuel.  The process of metabolism establishes the rate at which we burn our calories and, ultimately, how quickly we gain weight or how easily we lose it.  By eating the right kinds of food every 2 to 3 hours to keep your blood sugar from spiking and keeps your metabolism running effectively.  When you are trying to lose weight the worse thing that you can do is skip meals or snacks.  Every meal is key to keeping your metabolism running at its best.  I’ll describe it like this. 

 Metabolism is like wood that you use to start a fire.  The wood doesn’t ignite unless you fuel it with gas, kerosene, lighter fluid etc.  You have to give it something to keep the fire going.  Maybe put more fuel on it or add more wood.  That keeps the fire going.  Its the same way with your metabolism, if you fuel it properly it will continue to help process your food and use the food properly.  In summary, you have to eat to lose weight.  Sounds, crazy but that’s the way God made you.

9.) Track you Heart Rate –  People who exercise regularly should figure their heart rate: Subtract your age from 220, and calculate 85 percent of that value for the top of the zone and 65 percent for the bottom. Another good reason to record your heart rate during exercise is to gauge your progress. Doing this will help you achieve your desired goals.   This will help you adjust your workout to ensure that you will get favorable results from it.  Training in the right zone will help you burn more calories and lose more weight.  The principle is called HIIT.  This stands for high intensity interval training.  Workouts like Insanity, The Asylum, Chalean Extreme and Turbo Jam are example of HIIT training.  Doing these types of workouts will rev up your metabolism and continue to burn calories for approximately 24 hours.  By comparison, a light workout or a jog will burn calories, but when you stop doing those activities your metabolism stops and so does the calorie burn.

10.) Don’t Quit – Everybody gets frustrated when they start a new fitness program.  Use that frustration to motivate you to do better next time and not let this be another one of your workout failures. 


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