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Shakeology For Kids?

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If you’ve been to for any length of time then you’ve no doubt read about how much I love shakeology.  Not only is it one of the healthiest meals of the day but its also one of the best tasting meals of the day.  Now, since I drink shakology everyday not often does a day go by that someone doesn’t ask me, “Hey whats in that bottle?”  I’m proud to share with them about shakeology and why I think its the best meal replacement, protein shake, health shake on the market.  You may find a substitute for shakeology but you can’t find a replacement. 

Of all the questions I get asked about shakeology one of the strangest I’ve heard recently went something like this, “Is shakeology safe for children?”  It’s a great question but a question that makes me laugh considering families shove candy, hot dogs,  McDonalds and who knows what else down their kids mouths without ever asking the same question.  The answer is a big YES.  Shakeology is very safe for your children.  In fact it’s just whole foods with no preservatives so not only is it safe for them but it’s most likely the best thing they will put in their body all day.  If you’re struggling to get your kids to eat their vegetables, why not try giving them a glass of shakeolgy, which is contains all the fruits and veggies they will need in 1 day!!!  It gives me piece of mind knowing that our girls are properly fueled for the day when they leave the house every morning.  I have been drinking Shakeology for a year now but could never get the girls to even try it.  They have seen me make shakes everyday and just recently wanted to try it.  Well, I have to admit I wasn’t shocked when they LOVED it.

Their favorite flavor is Chocolate.  

Try new things in the shakes and once your children are involved in the process they will enjoy drinking them.  Let them be creative with it.  Let them read the recipe calendar that comes with Shakeology and have them make up their own recipes.  The chocolate Shakeology is so versatile and your kids will have fun creating new shakes.  Another great thing about shakeology is that you are not just limited to making shakes.  Shakeology comes with recipes for cookies, pies and a variety of other great tasting, healthy recipes.  There is nothing better then teaching our kids that nutrition can be fun!


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