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Weight Loss Tips

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I know I’ve given weight loss tips before but I feel that we all could use a little extra motivation when trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Here I found a nice little article on some quick motivational tips that we all need to brief up on. I actually got it from a great site called, they have tons of great recipes and other various health related topics.  I know that we all go through times that we need some motivation to get moving or to start eating the right things. That is where it is important to remember why you are doing what you are doing in the first place.  I have found writing down your goals and looking over them everyday, cements that goal into your mind.  It gives you the ability to remind yourself that your goals are very important to you and being healthy is something that we all need to strive for.  Let me know if you enjoy the post in the comments section, or contact me about being a Beachbody Coach.

4 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’ve Got a Long Way to Go

Serial dieters will know that the first week, or even month, of a new diet or exercise regimen is often a time of super-high willpower, intense focus, and a sense of deep determination.

That initial enthusiasm doesn’t last long though, and many people give up in despair at the thought of the months ahead – often regaining the weight they’ve managed to lose (and then some).

So, how can you keep up your motivation when you know you’ve got a long way to go before you reach your goal?

1. Accept That it Takes Time

Often, the most important step is simply to accept that it will take time to lose weight, or to reach a high level of fitness. In a world of quick-fixes and diet pills offering dubious promises, we need to remember that health is life-long.

2. Read Success Stories

When you have a big goal in any area of your life, seeing others’ success can help to convince you that it is possible. Magazines, blogs and forums often chart individuals’ weight-loss, or fitness success stories. Use these for inspiration when your will-power is low.

3. Set Mini-Milestones

Don’t just focus on your perfect goal weight, or on being able to run a marathon – set small milestones along the way to give you targets every few weeks, and mark your achievement dates on your calendar. This lets you recognise and celebrate what you’re already achieving. Mini-milestones could be:

  • Losing another 7lbs
  • Taking your workout routine up a level
  • Filling in your food diary consistently for a month
  • Getting five portions of fruit and veg every day for a month

4. Visualise Yourself At Your Goal

If you’ve been overweight and unfit most of your life, it can be very hard to change that mental image of yourself – which can leave you feeling unconvinced that you’ll ever reach your goal.

Take a few minutes each day to imagine how you’ll look and feel when you do reach your goal: full of energy, able to buy clothes which you love, and able to run around with your kids.  It might sound a bit hooky, but top athletes use visualisation to spur them on towards success, and it can work for you too.

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