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Kick the Sugar Habit

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Sugar, sugar, sugar . . . it’s everywhere and in everything.  It’s soooo hard to avoid and soooo many people are addicted to it.  It’s has more side effects than I care to list in this post and is a key component of America’s growing waistline.

So, how can you reduce your sugar intake and kick the sugar habit?  Here are a few things I’ve discovered.

1.)  Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast.  After fasting all night and repairing your body while you sleep your body needs fuel.  Don’t feed it sugary cereal but instead try eggs, a protein shake of even some fruit like a banana.  Eating a healthy breakfast can help you lose weight as well as balance your blood sugar.

2.) Load up on protein.  Protein not only helps build muscle and your body to repair after a workout.  It will also fills you up and keeps you from overeating on sugary snacks and foods.

3.) Get your rest.  Research has proven that lack of sleep can cause your body to trigger it’s craving mechanism and we both know what that means . . . grabbing for sugary snacks.  Sweet dreams . . . oh wait . . . never mind!

4.) Get your daily exercise.  Working out will help keep your metabolism going strong and help you kick the cravings habit.  The more sedentary you are the more likely you will eat food even when you’re not hungry.

5.) Reward or calm yourself with healthy snacks.  You’re probably like me, when you were growing up and you weren’t having a great day, you inevitably reached for junk food.  Why?  Junk food is associated with comfort food, it’s satisfies our cravings and makes us feel better . . . for the moment.  Try reversing this habit by rewarding yourself with health snacks or healthy alternative comfort foods. 

6.) Eat 5 to 6 times a day.  What?  That right you heard me.  Eating more meals with smaller portions will help stabilize your blood sugar, cut down on cravings, boost your metabolism and help you loose weight.  When you blood sugar spikes (like when you eat a candy bar) it usually goes directly to your waist . . . and we don’t want that!

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