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Overcoming Holiday Excuses

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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Everyone was eating…even the mouse!

Its the most wonderful time of the year, right?  Spending time with family and friends, opening gifts and stuffing your face with lots and lots of food!!  We’ve all been there and the temptation to resist is . . . well, difficult to say the least.  So why do we do it?  Stuff ourselves sick knowing we are going to regret it later.   The reason?  Simple.  Tempting, high fat, calorie-laden dishes taste great and are the common denominator of almost every holiday celebration.  And excuses for overindulgence are as easy to find as holiday cheer.  So how do you overcome those little excuses that pop in your head the minute you see a buffet full of food at grandma’s house?

Check out the following excuses. If any of them sounds familiar, don’t be discouraged.  I’ve listed some strategies to help you deal with these excuses, and still enjoy the holiday season.

Excuse #1: The food looks and tastes soooo good! How can I resist?

There is no denying it, you will have no shortage of fantastic foods and desserts.  However, just remember how bad you feel after you eat them.  Imagine yourself overindulging.  How do you feel afterwards?  Was it worth it for just a few bites? Could you have received the same pleasure with a smaller amount?  Look around and ask yourself if there is something else that will taste just as good but that want contain as many gut busting ingredients.  Instead of having the triple chocolate cake with ice cream try the chocolate chip cookies.  Look for alternatives that can satisfy you without ruining your waistline.
Excuse #2: It’s a special occasion. It only comes once a year.

The holidays only come once a year, but the parties, events, and gifts of food never seem to end between Thanksgiving and Christmas, then New Years!  Stop and decide, is it worth it to splurge through the holiday season only to try and work it off later.  When it is time for the splurge, bank calories from earlier in the day.  As I mentioned in another article, workout before you pig out.  Hopefully that will be enough to keep you from going overboard.
Excuse #3: Everyone else is eating. The hostess will be offended.

Just because everyone is eating does not mean that you have to eat everything too.  The ones who are eating everything may not be concerned about their health or their waist like you are.  Don’t be afraid to smaller amounts.  Choosing smaller portions shouldn’t offend anyone.  Remember, “If you half-it, you can have it.”  And sometimes it may be necessary to “just say no”.  You can have your cake and eat it to, just in smaller amounts.  I promise, you will thank me later. 
Excuse #4: I should offer desserts to the company in my home.

Keeping your favorite desserts at home usually spells trouble.  When treats are in the house, more of the dessert usually ends up in you, rather than your guests.  I would constantly find myself walking by a bowl of holiday M&M’s and scooping up a couple.  Then I found myself walking by the bowl just to grab a handful of M&M’s.  Therefore, keep some low fat, low-calorie alternatives on hand.  Check out my healthy eating tips and recipes here for some advice. 
Excuse #5: I’ll get back to my healthy eating plan tomorrow.

This thinking is okay, as long as you plan on following through with your commitment.  Make sure an occasional splurge does NOT become a repeated excuse (or turn into “next week” or “next month”).  My suggestion would be to continue to eat your healthy meals, even when you splurge.  The reason is that by continuing your healthy meals you are still getting the proper nutrients you need, plus you should be eating foods that will keep you fuller longer and possibly keep you from over doing it.


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