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My P90X Plus – Review

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If you have finished P90X and are looking for something to take your workouts to the next level, well this is it.  P90X plus is not necessarily designed to be harder than the original P90X, but If your looking to add variety to you “X” workouts then the Plus series will be a great addition.  I bought the P90X Plus series after completing several rounds of P90X and a round of P90X/Insanity hybrid. 

Some of the complaints that I get from people who have either tried P90X or have researched it, say its too long and too hard.  If this is your excuse for not trying P90X, then the Plus series is definitely the one for you.  Now the workouts are not going to be easy.  If your looking to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, these workouts are definitely going to make you sweat.  The Plus workouts are also shorter than P90X, the longest being only 45 minutes and the shortest 20 minutes.  P90X Plus is very fast paced, so even the resistance workouts are like cardio workouts. 

Total Body Plus is like an amped up version of Core Synergistic.  Its 45 minutes long using over 20 moves like various push-ups, lunges and balance exercises with weights.   

Interval X Plus is an excellent workout that will definitely give you a challenge. It involves doing exercises at 3 different speeds: slow (20 secs), medium (20 secs), and fast(20 secs). The only break that you get is when you reach the half-way point, but then you repeat the whole first half again. This program will definitely make you sweat and by the end you’re shirt should be drenched!  This is one of my favorites in the Plus series.

Kenpo Cardio Plus is like the regular P90X Kenpo workout only at a faster pace and without any breaks whatsoever! Even during the breaks you’re doing some light cardio exercises!  This workout is just like Interval X Plus in that it will make you sweat!

Upper Plus is a complete upper body workout, meaning everything, and I mean everything is worked from the waist up.  Neck, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, chest and abs.  This workout is also 45 minutes.  Your upper body will be “pumped” when you finish this one. 

Abs/Core Plus is an advanced ab/core routine that is not for the faint of heart!  Many of the ab excercises are done while hanging from the pull-up bar or while holding dumbbells.  This workout will rip your core!

Another reason why someone would like the Plus series over the original P90X is the fact that most of the workouts can be performed with light weight.  So if you don’t have alot of weight or only one set of bands then the Plus series would be perfect for you.  That’s also the only thing I don’t like about P90X Plus is that it’s really not going to help you gain some strength or mass. The regular P90X workout is best for this. However, if you’re looking for a challenge and want to lose some more weight and body fat, then the Plus Series is the way to go!

P90X Plus is also the perfect way to add variety to future rounds of P90X Classic.  The Abs/Core Plus workouts provide a great change of pace when rotated with Ab Ripper X.  The Plus cardio workouts are also a great way to step up from the P90X Classic cardio routines by subbing them for Kenpo / Plyo / Yoga, but they are not quite as intense as Insanity.

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