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P90 X 2 – Strength Review

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It is time for Part 2 of my P90X2 reviewP90X2 is HERE and it’s taken P90X and your body to the next level! This program has been highly anticipated by the hundreds of thousands of crazy P90X lovers like myself!  I recently finished my first round of the X2 with a challenge group of over 600 people on facebook.  Looking to join a fitness group CLICK HERE for more details.

Overview of the Program – P90X2 Review – Phase 2 Strength (CLICK HERE to read my Phase 1 – Foundation review)

I wanted to give you a basic overview of the program and the 2nd phase, the strength phase.  

For starters like P90X,  the P90X 2 workout schedule is 90 days long and has been designed to build off the original P90X workout.  It incorporates the same concept of muscle confusion where you are doing a variety of different exercises.  Similar to P90X, the P90X2 schedule is always changing to keep you from hitting a plateau or get bored like you will with traditional fitness programs. It was also created to take your health and fitness to a whole new level by increasing your strength, balance, agility, core, and athleticism (with a huge emphasis on core and balance).

P90X2 was developed by Tony Horton in conjunction with other professional sports trainers and will most definitely give you incredible results just like P90X.

Phase 2: STRENGTH (3-6 weeks)

Day 1:  Chest + Back + Balance & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 2:  Plyocide
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 5:  X2 Yoga
Day 6:  X2 Base + Back & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
V Sculpt & X2 Ab Ripper switch in Day 1
X2 Chest + Shoulder + Tris & X2 Ab Ripper switch in Day 4

3 Phases Of P90X2

P90X2 Phases

P90X2 Phases

The P90X2 workout program comes with 12 workouts (you get 2 extra P90X2 workouts with the Ultimate and Deluxe packages) and is broken up into 3 phases just like P90X.  Here is a breakdown of the phases and the suggested time frame.

  • Phase 1 – Foundation, 3-5 weeks
  • Phase 2 – Strength, 3-6 weeks
  • Phase 3 – Performance, 3-4 weeks
  • Recovery Week

Chest, Back, & Balance+X2 Ab RipperHave all of your equipment ready for this one because you’re going to need it.  You will do a pull -up move, then into a stability ball push-up and then transition into an ab exercise. This workout was definitely a challenge for me because of the use of the stability ball and medicine balls forced you to work your core with every move.  One of the toughest moves for me was the impossible/possible push-ups.  You are performing regular push-ups with both hands on 1 medicine ball and your feet on a stability ball.  I started off with only a few reps because I felt like was going to fall off with every rep and eventually made it up to 12 by the end of the strength phase.   Another tough push up move was doing push-ups on 4 medicine balls, talk about core strength.  There are also a variety of different types of pull-ups, including towel pull-up, lever, core crunch chin-up and the L pull-up.  These pull-up moves add a lot of variety and will really work your lats, as well as your core.  This workout will get you a good pump and actually help you down the road with other workouts in phase 3.

Plyocide – This workout is nothing like the original P90X Plyometrics.  When performing Plyocide you will do 4 rounds with 4 exercises each round.  The first exercise is a balance move, the second an explosive move, the third a strength move and the fourth a core move.  Plyocide isn’t about just flailing or flapping your body around uncontrollably. It’s about connecting your mind with your body so that you’re able to increase your endurance, speed, and coordination.  By the way, Yes plyocide means death by jumping — enjoy.

X2 Recovery and Mobility – Since your body only grows stronger when it’s at rest this workout provides you with a complete stretching routine that involves a 40 minute session on the foam roller.  I love the foam roller because you can isolate a sore muscle and use the foam roller to  “sit on it” and loosen it up.  After this workout expect to get a better since of the phrase, “hurts so good”.   This is a great “recovery” day workout when you’ve pushed you body to new limits and you need your body to realign.

X2 Shoulders & Arms+X2 Ab RipperThis workout consists of three rounds and seven exercises each.  The order of exercises in each round is as follows: bicep, shoulder, triceps, shoulder, bicep, shoulder, triceps.  All of the exercise may look similar to other P90X workouts, but the difference in X2 is the focus on balance because you will be doing almost all of the exercises on one leg or on a stability ball to engage your core.  For example, one of the moves is a regular curl move, however you perform the move while standing on one leg.  This adds a tremendous amount of difficulty to a relatively simple move.  When performing this type of curl move in P90X I would use 55 lbs dumbbells, but the first time I tried standing on one leg I was forced to drop to 35 lbs.  The good news is by the end of the strength phase I was able to work my way back up to 50 lbs.  This is a fast paced workout and you will not need a lot of weight to build muscle.  This workout will have you focusing on form and your core at the same time, so leave your ego at the door.


X2 Yoga – This is shorter version (60 minutes) of Yoga X2 style.  Some of the moves are similar to Yoga X from P90X but at a much faster pace.  You will still get the benefits of relaxing the body and restoring the mind but with an increased emphasis on isometric power, improved range of motion, and building stability.

Base & Back+X2 Ab Ripper – Wow, this workout is two rounds of ten exercises that focus on your legs, back and endurance.  You start off with a pull-up move followed by a  plyometric move.  Almost all of the pull-ups are the no kip variety (legs are straight and do not move)  and I think some of these plyometric jump moves were inspired by Shaun T.  Seriously, this workout feels like a Tony Horton/Shaun T hybrid.  I struggled with the V Pull-Up and Jack-In-The-Box Knee Tuck, simply because these came at the end of the workout and I was toast.   Phase 1 definitely prepares you for these exercises and there is no way I could have done any of them without building up my core during the foundation phase.

Ab Ripper X – “I hate it, but I love it”.  You would think when you hear that some of the moves are only 10, 15 or 20 reps that it would be a good thing, right?  Not a chance.  These ab moves incorporate slow, methodical exercises, even some with pausing to get your core on fire by the end of this routine.  Like ab ripper from the original P90 X there are 11 moves and the routine last approximately 15 mins.   For me personally this ab routine was just as difficult at the original, but I felt that X2 Ab Ripper worked my abs better overall than the original which I felt mostly in my lower abs. 

*Additional options for Phase 2* 

You are able to substitute V Sculpt for Chest, Back, & Balance and  X2 Chest, Shoulder, & Tris for X2 Shoulders & Arms when ever you feel like changing it up.

V Sculpt – This workout brings new variations of pull-ups and innovative bicep moves on medicine balls. You will also leverage the resistance bands.  This is the workout you need if you want to look good on the beach.  It incorporates push-up and pull-up moves while using medicine balls and the stability ball.  Some of the moves are called renegade moves, with these moves you are balancing 1 arm on a med ball while performing a curl or row with the other arm.  This workout is really gets the veins popping.


X2 Chest, Shoulder, & Tris This workout is going to give you a sculpted chest and very defined shoulders.  Using strip sets, curls and kickbacks while standing on 1 leg in a warrior 3 position are just some of the moves you will perform during this workout.  Pace yourself because this workout has 2 rounds with 11 exercises.

I’ve heard some people complain that they didn’t get the same pump from X2 as they did from the original P90X or these workouts were not as hard as P90X.  Who are you people?  These workouts were diffidently not the same as P90X but they took my fitness, strength, balance and core to new levels and were worth the effort.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has completed P90X and is looking for “NEW’ way to improve your overall health and fitness.  BRING IT!!!! AGAIN!!


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