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Review – P90X 2 Performance Phase

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Lastly, Phase 3 of P90X2 will be focused around increasing your performance or functional fitness, as Tony calls it.  This phase will incorporate the the P.A.P. (Post Activation Potentiation) workouts- PAP Upper, and PAP Lower.  This is a revolutionary workout technique that is being used by the best and most fit athletes in the world, including the mens Olympic water polo team (London 2012), former Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno and professionals in baseball, football and basketball.  It basically consists of doing a weighted exercise immediately followed by an explosive exercise.  This has been proven to greatly increase power and strength while getting you ripped!  To read more about the PAP workouts checkout,P.A.P Lower” and “P.A.P. Upper.”

”PAP” or Post-Activation Potentiation

PAP Upper and PAP Lower is the result of the latest studies in sport science lead by Marcus Elliot at P3.  (To read more about Marcus Elliott and P3 “What’s The Difference) Marcus now presides over Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board and helped to develop the PAP workouts for P90X2. PAP is a revolutionary way of training that combines heavy lifting with plyometric training in order to transfer strength into power. The two contrasting methods are synergistic, meaning better results rather together than doing either method alone. The heavy lifting techniques essentially prime the central nervous system to be ready to take advantage of the plyometric training leading to new heights in athletic performance.

The Performance Phase centers around PAP workouts and is split up between PAP Upper and PAP lower.  If you’ve already done the first two phases, think plyocide, but on a whole new level.  The PAP workouts are interval based like with P90X PlyoX (and similar to  INSANITY)  and mix weights with cardio. The idea of mixing weights with cardio isn’t new to Beachbody.  By combining resistance with cardio moves leads to even better results.

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PAP Lower Review – P90X2

In the Performance phase, the last phase of P90X2, Mr. Horton and crew will lead you through the new PAP workouts. It’s not just weighted exercises, or cardio, it’s a complete, total body workout to burn calories and provide functional fitness!

Each interval consists of 4 moves with the first being a weighted resistance exercise.  Immediately following that is an explosive plyometric cardio, followed by an isometric exercise.  Lastly, you end the interval with a intense  cardio move.  Then, you will repeat this interval 3 more times before moving onto the next interval set. Overall the P.A.P. workouts are very effective at burning calories and increasing performance.

Interval #1 PAP Lower Exercises

Step up Convict – Weighted reverse lunges on a bench (alternating legs)

Skater Plyo – Think speed skating.

One Leg Line Hop – On one leg you will jump back and forth as fast as possible.

Tony Horton’s Triangle – Lying on your sit you will start with your top foot stretched back behind you.  Lift your upper leg up and over as high as you can and then lower it in front of you.  Then repeat in reverse.  You should keep your heel up while making a mid air triangle.

Interval #2 PAP Lower Exercises

Squat Cross Reach – Using a light weight and a med ball you will squat down on one leg until your knee touches the med ball while stretching out your alternate arm (with weight) reaches across your body as far as you can.

Split Squat Jump – Mary Katherine’s on Crack

Monster Slalom – With feet together, you will jump back and forth as you move forward and then backwards.

Side Bridge Leg Lift – Lying on your side, lift your upper leg while lifting your hips off the ground and hold for 30 seconds!  WOW, for me this was one of the hardest moves in the program.

P90X2 PAP Lower ReviewNow that’s P90X2! Together, the four different exercise types not only make it a terrific fat burning workout, but it is fun and exciting as well. Unlike other P90X2 workouts, Tony Horton doesn’t stop to chat between exercises so you better be ready to move!

PAP Upper Review – P90X2

P90X2 PAP Upper is another great Post Activation Potentiation workout offered in the PERFORMANCE phase of the P90X2 workout program.

As I mentioned earlier, who would have thought that we could get the same benefits as pro-athletes by working out at home with this incredible Beachbody workout? As is the case with PAP Lower, the P90X2 PAP Upper workout includes two complexes with four rounds each.  Within each round is a series of four moves, including resistance, explosive, balance, and isometric variations.

Complex #1 PAP Upper –  Review

In complex #1, you have the following moves: Renegade Row, Plyo Push-Up, Plank on Med Ball, and Superman. Each move offers an incredible experience, and it’s guaranteed to give you the workout of your life.

Renegade Row: It’s a push-up with two rows while in the plank position. This is the resistance move within this complex. 

Plyo Push-Up: If you’ve completed P90X, then you are familiar with these bad boys.  Explosive push-ups with a mid air clap.  Feel the BURN!!!

Plank on Med Ball: What an AWESOME move.  Your feet are up on a med ball, while you are in a Sphinx Plank.  By nature the weight shifts down to your core and arms since your legs are raised and balanced.  This is a simple move but a very difficult one, core to the extreme. 

Superman: If you are a P90X fan, you’ll know all about Superman Banana moves. Just imagine HOLDING that Superman move for just about 60 seconds straight! In this move you can use a broomstick or a pole as they do in the video. I used a resistance band since it is handy and closest to me when I workout. 

Complex PAP Upper – #2 Review

In the second complex you experience Towel Pull-Up, Med Ball Pike, Step-Up Hammer Press, and Roller Angel.

Towel Pull-Up: This is the resistance move of the second complex, and provides you with a great upper body move. Instead of holding onto a stable bar and doing pull-ups, you have two unstable towels that you use to pull yourself up!

Med Ball Pike: Explosive move that works your core! 10 reps as quick as possible by lying on your back with a med ball in hand and raising your feet and med ball until they touch mid air.

Step-Up Hammer Press: Grab the appropriate weight, put one foot on a bench or stability ball and knockout a few hammer curls.  I switched my feet every five reps.

Roller Angel: If you’ve done any P90X2 move, you’ll know that this offers some incredible ways to increase your flexibility. This is the move at the end of the second complex, and stretches you out in an oh-so-good way!

Overall the PAP workouts are a terrific workout to get your heart pumping, burn calories, and improve your sports performance sure to please every P90X fan!

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