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Deluxe Upgrade

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Push yourself even further with a complete set of training tools. You’ll receive our Chin-Up Bar, Chin-Up Assist, and Strength Bands. They’ll add more intensity to your upper body, lower body, and core training. So you can get ADVANCED athletic results!
Price:  $89.85

Maximize your results with DELUXE training tools:

  • Chin-Up Bar: Strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, arms, abs, and more.  With 12 grip positions, it’s the ultimate athletic training tool. Mounts easily to any doorframe.
  • Chin-Up Max:  Get the right amount of adjustable support to increase your chin-up reps. Promote muscle balance when you alternate your foot in the stirrup.
  • Strength Bands: Add intensity to your full-body training by using one, two, or all three levels of these resistance bands.
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