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P90X Teaser Trailer: All I can say is, 360 degree pull-ups? Seriously!!!


Should I complete P90X before P90X 2?

P90X2 is an extension of P90X. You could start P90X2 cold if you have a solid athletic base. This is a similar answer to Insanity and Asylum. You could do Asylum cold, but you need to have a strong base. P90X2 will requires this strong base because of the skill-based movements. P90X will help you create that strong base if you do not have one.

As Power 90 is the gateway to P90X, P90X is the gateway to P90X2.

Program Structure

 There are 3 phases to the program over a 90 day period:

Foundation Phase – This is a learning phase. This will get you used to adding Medicine Balls and Stability Balls and doing movements on unstable surfaces.

Strength Phase – This will feel most similar to P90X, but obviously there are new moves and nuances that have been incorporated.

Performance Phase – This phase brings in P.A.P. (See below). This is the point where your body really starts to change.

P90X2 is 5 days per week.  Tony states that 95% of the exercises involve all body parts. So since each movement and workout is more intense, more rest is required. When you work out, you are breaking down muscle tissue and breaking down your cells. So you need to give them time to repair.

One of the things they did a significant amount of research on was the need for active rest. They still want a dedicated rest day similar to P90X, but want the other day to be an active rest day. On this day, you should go out and bike, run, get outside, etc. However, you need to really work the 5 days hard to EARN these 2 days.


In the discussion, Carl and Tony mention Stability Balls, Medicine Balls, Weighted Bars, and Foam Rollers

All equipment will be available through Team Beachbody at launch. However, if you do not have the equipment or if you are traveling, you can still do it with modified variations. Similar to P90X, there will be three variations shown by the cast.  There will be an extreme version, standard version, and  modified version with limited equipment for when you are traveling!



Here is the run down of the (12) workouts.

X2 Core

– Next Level of Core Synergistics

– Adds Plyo moves with core movements.


– More focus on lateral movements than in P90X which was more about jumping in one spot.

– Also works on higher vertical movements

X2 Recovery + Mobility

– An entire workout dedicated to recovery shows the importance of this in the program.

– This is not just about stretching.

X2 Total Body

– Just as it sounds. Example moves are “One-Armed Bicep Curl while in Warrior 3″, “Pull-Ups where your whole body is a crunch”, and “Plyometric Push-Ups on a Stability Ball”. FUN!

X2 Ab Ripper

– Fifer Scissors with an added toe touch! (Tony did this one in his workout with us.)

– Some of the other moves are from ARX2 from P90X 1-on-1, Volume 3, like the Abronome!

X2 Yoga

– X2 takes a back to basics approach with a focus on constant flow. For example, standing balance moves are out and the warm-up is shorter.

– It condenses the very best of the best and is 65 minutes long. (I know many of you will be smiling!)

Balance & Power

– This workout adds balance components to strength components. I cant even describe the moves, you have to watch the video. They are wicked cool! LOL

Chest, Back, and Balance

– Many of the moves looked very similar to Chest, Back, and Balls from the P90X 1-on-1, Volume 3.

– 3-Ball Plyo Push-Ups, Levers, 4-Ball Push-Ups, etc

X2 Shoulders & Arms

– Shoulders are the link to everything in the upper body.

– The video was showing Pike Presses on 2 balls while your feet are elevated. Lying Tricep Extensions on a Stability Ball. Again, unstable surfaces will be the norm for P90X2

Base + Back

– Plyo moves and Pull-Ups in one workout. Again, some similarity from the P90X 1-on-1, Volume 3

No Cardio?

There is NO Cardio or Kenpo in P90X2. Why? Tony mentions that not only does Beachbody have a phenomenal collection of cardio with Chalene, Debbie, and Shaun T, but most athletics have finite distances to cover. A basketball court or football field is only so long. Most athletes do not move for 30 minutes straight in front of themselves, but rather a sequence of moves that are fast and furious and work the entire body as opposed to just pure cardio.

So many of the workouts are high heart rate interval routines where the heart rate is going up and coming down and then going up…well you get the idea. With pure cardio, many times your heart rate just stays flat.


-The science behind P.A.P. is very sophisticated and has really been held to training elite athletes.

– There will be (2) workouts: “P.A.P. Lower” and “P.A.P Upper“. The Upper routine is what our upline coach, Wayne Wyatt, was a cast member in.

– P.A.P. is built in late in the program in the Performance Phase because you need a very strong base to do these moves.


One thing they have learned in the last seven years, is that there are different people in different cultures with different metabolisms with different needs. There will be (3) programs:

– Vegan-based (Missy Costello, Tony Horton’s chef, created this plan)

– Vegetarian-based (Shauna ? created this plan)

– Paleo-based

This is not a one size fits all, but rather they have tried to accommodate a wide array of people. There will also be phases to the nutrition plan similar to P90X.


Pre-Order will be Sept 1st, 2011.  * But you can only order that early through your Beachbody Coach!  Everyone else will have to wait for the public release date (a few weeks later).  If you don’t have a coach and want to be sure I’m your coach so that you can order through me as soon as P90X2 becomes available, CLICK HERE, and I’ll be sure to let you know any updates as they come in!

Launch in beginning of December.

– They will not put 1 million units in their warehouse as they need to manage their cash flow. Pre-order will help them manage their inventory responsibily and you can ensure you get your copy.


– Pricing was not revealed, but if you have subscribed and ordered all (12) P90X 1-on-1, Volume 3 discs then you will get 50% off P90X2!

Document Your Results Like Never Before

 – Beachbody wants us to document our success and journey more thoroughly than any other program!

– They want to use customer reviews in the marketing of the program. Take pictures every day if you have to!

P90X2 in Blu-Ray High Definition!

 – Beachbody Corporate is in discussions with Sony to see if they can meet their deadlines and launch in Blu-Ray at the same time as the standard DVD. Carl admitted the timeframe was tight, but they are pulling out all stops to make it happen.

– Mason Bendewald has done an incredible job directing the production and they absolutely want to show it off in High Definition.

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