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Insanity Success Story

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Their Weight Loss Inspires Others // Lindsay Renouf before c Courtesy of Lindsay RenoufTheir Weight Loss Inspires Others // Lindsay Renouf after weight loss c Courtesy of Lindsay Renouf

Before: 304 pounds 

After: 192 pounds

Height: 5’9″
Age: 33

By Angela Kwan

Lindsay Renouf, 33, was an overweight emotional eater for most of her life. By the time she became an adult, got married, and had a baby, she had reached 304 pounds. She put on 30 pounds during her pregnancy, lost it while nursing, and gained it back afterward.

The Turning Point
By January 2010, Lindsay had her hands full as a stay-at-home mom in Holly Springs, NC, and wanted to become a good role model for her then 1-year-old son. “When you have a child, it’s a huge responsibility. You want him to grow up and be the best person he can be,” she says.

The Lifestyle
Lindsay abandoned the calorie counting and sugar-free diets of her past. This time, she decided to educate herself on nutrition and started eating whole grains, healthy fats, lean proteins, and lots of fruits and vegetables. She tries to eat right 90% of the time so she can indulge the other 10%. She prefers home-cooked dinners to restaurant meals and usually keeps it simple: a protein with a vegetable or salad.

With the help of Fitness DVDs, such as Insanity and Jillian Michaels, she lost 80 pounds. In the beginning, she relied on the modifications when she was unable to complete the standard routines. Then she joined a gym and dropped another 32 pounds attending group fitness classes 5 or 6 days a week. She gets bored on machines, but she can’t get enough of Bodypump, Spinning, kickboxing, and Zumba.

The Motivation
Lindsay discovered a network on healthy living blogs and was fascinated by the recipes and food photos. She realized that she, too, had something to contribute and that others might benefit from hearing about her weight loss journey. She posts favorite recipes, personal challenges, and product reviews on her blog “Living Lindsay,” which receives almost 900 impressions daily. “I get emails from people who were inspired and motivated. The blog is a way to share my story and connect with people,” she says.

The Reward
Earlier this month, Lindsay ran her first 5-K, Run the Quay in Fuquay-Varina, NC, on a whim. She’s not a big runner but had always wanted to try a 5-K. The day before the race she decided to go for it and set out with a goal to run the whole race. “About half a mile from the end, I started walking. But after 20 seconds, something kicked in and I pushed myself to run the rest.” She finished in 35 minutes and 24 seconds and is excited to run her next 5-K in less than 30 minutes.  

Lindsay’s Tips
Get creative. “Find something healthy and unique for you. Explore what’s out there and learn what foods you like and don’t like,” she says.

Be realistic. “You’ll have days that aren’t so great, but you won’t undo [all your hard work] in 1 or 2 days.”


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