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Jeremy Yost

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Half the man he used to be

By Elizabeth Worster Georgetown News-Graphic
Jeremy Yost did not think he could do it, but after a year of hard work, he was 180 pounds lighter.

He lost the weight through the exercise program P90X, and won $25,000 in a contest for his weight-loss transformation in June. In March 2009, Yost weighed 370 pounds. He was taking medicine for high blood pressure and had arthritis in his knees and ankles. In order to get around in the mornings and evenings,

Yost had to use a cane.

“A friend approached me and said, ‘You have two young boys.’ He wanted to see if I was comfortable if someone had to step in if something were to happen to me,” Yost said. Yost had tried to lose weight before to no avail. His friend told him about an intense workout program that had changed his life.

Any type of exercise routine works, said Cindy Caywood, a dietician at the Georgetown Community Hospital.

“In my opinion, it all works as long as you work it,” she said. “It is just a matter of finding something you will do (that) is key.”

The workout his friend had told him about was made up of three programs, or tracks, which P90X calls lean, classic and doubles. Each track lasts 90 days. Before starting the exercises, participants are asked to take a fitness test.

The exercises include variations based on the concept of ‘muscle confusion,” in which the exercises are varied so the body does not get used to the same routine.

The workout videos include cardio, plyometrics, yoga, core workouts and kenpo, all designed to be intense. The various tracks allow the body to build muscle and slim down, which allowed Yost to lose 180 pounds. The videos are created by Tony Horton and are distributed through Beachbody, a national workout company.

“Initially I felt like I had more energy,” Yost said. “I didn’t see changes in my pictures right away. The biggest change I felt was the energy.”

“I really took to heart what Tony (Horton) says,” Yost said. “I looked for little mile markers, which was my trophies. When I first started, I could tell it was going to lead to serious results.”With Yost winning the contest, not only did the workout change his life, but so did the opportunities that presented itself to him. Yost, an engineer at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, is now able to keep up with his wife, Tracy, and his three children, Chase, 10; Nolan, 9 and Maybry, 1. Yost is now a Beachbody coach to help others going through the program. He has worked out on QVC with Horton and has started the Georgetown Fit Club, which meets at 7 p.m. Mondays at Grace Christian Church.

The meetings are free to the public. At his website,, others can read Yost’s story.

Being a coach gives Yost a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of those he helps through the programs.  “It’s really affected every aspect of my life,” Yost said. “(Being a coach) is very exciting. I know what it did for my life, and it’s like I get to experience stepping on the scale and seeing the 180-pound weight loss each time.”

Last week, Yost got to work out with the P90x creator, Horton, doing plyometrics, which is jump training.  “I really didn’t know what to say,” Yost said. “What do you say to someone you credit your life to? He has a way to make it feel like he is speaking directly to you. How do you say thank you?”

Yost’s journey has been a surprise, he said. “If you would have told me that I would have the body fat percentage I do now (7 percent), I would have thought you were crazy,” Yost said.“Probably the most important thing I did was the discussion with my buddy and the other thing is getting away from the excuses. I had two sheets of paper and labeled them ‘why’ and ‘why not.’ The why are the things to keep me changing … I asked myself if I deserved this. “It became more about the quality of my life than the weight.


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