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Monica’s P90X Transformation and Results

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Monica says she worked out prior to the babies and was always fit but she says that she was never P90X fit.  I find that this is very common among people who do P90X.  P90X takes you to a whole different level for 99% of the people out there.  It not only changed the way that I lift, but it changed the way that I eat and feel.  I had always worked out but never like this.  Now at the age of 37, I am in the best shape of my life just like Monica thanks to P90X.  Monica used to make excuses after the babies and all of her muscle tone had pretty much turned to mush.  Then she found Tony Horton and P90X and she says that working out with Tony will change the way you think about working out.  P90X has made Monica’s whole life better and now at 38 and with 3 kids she is in the best shape of her life and it shows.  Monica says that if you are on the fence about doing P90X just go for it and do it.


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