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Free Shakeology Sample

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Shakeology is one of the best supplements that I have ever taken.  I tried shakeology for 1 month and I was hooked.  I use shakeology as a meal replacement for my lunch everyday. 

After looking at shakeology for several months I realized what shakeology replaced for me.  It replaced 2 bags of protein a month ($60.00), snack bars ($30.00), lunch everyday ($40.00) and a six pack of V-8 every week ($20.00).  Shakeology has actually saved me money and alot of time preparing a meal everyday.  Many people ask me about the cost of Shakeology.  Shakeology is a 30 day supply which will cost $4.36 dollars a day.  Thats cheaper than most fastfood resturant meals.  Plus, its packed with vitamins, nutrients and a full days supply of fruits and vegatables.  You can imagine how much that would cost to purchase all those fruits and vegtables everyday.

Plus, not only is shakeology the healthiest meal of the day, I know I’m getting all of the fruits and vegetables that I need in one serving.  Its like drinking a milkshake everyday!!!!

One sample wont transform your life, but if you are considering Shakeology and are hesitant to buy it before you taste it, Let me send you a sample. If you aren’t serious about ordering Shakeology, please don’t ask me for a sample because it costs me over $6 of my own money to send each sample out. Thanks!

Click here  for a 30 day calender of Shakeology recipes for both greenberry and chocolate:

The requirements for receiving a free Shakeology sample are:

1) You must be a member of teaminternallyfit. (If you havent made me your coach yet, its easy, and free. You can join teaminternallyfit by CLICKING HERE! Then just follow the insructions to fill out the form for a FREE teambeachbody account. Then you will show up on our team. Its that easy!

2) Again, only serious shakeology requests.

Please indicate which flavor you would like (Chocolate, Vegan Chocolate, Strawberry, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry or Vanilla (Note: Tropical is Vegan)). I love the chocolate. 

Please put your full mailing address in the “Message” field below.

Thanks for being on my team!


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