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Is Shakeology worth the money?

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I have written about Shakeolgy before, but the question that always seems to come up is, “Why is Shakeology so expensive?”  So I wanted to address this specific question because I think many people just don’t understand what Shakeology is and they don’t realize Shakeology is cheaper than most restaurant meals they eat everyday.  And way better for you too.

Some customers have said that Shakelogy is too expensive for a protein shake.  The answer . . . Shakeology is not a protein shake, although it has 15 grams of protein (chocolate) in one serving.  When it comes to other protein shakes Shakeology does for me what the other protein shakes did not.  I drink it and I am not even thinking of food for around 4  hours—which for me is a long time! How many protein shakes can you honestly say stand the test of making it in between meals? Shakeology is the only one and its much more than a protein shake.

I have always taken several different kinds of supplements and let me tell you—that adds up in a month!  I got as many fresh supplements as possible and would take all kinds of healthy things to boost my vitamin and mineral intake.  With Shakeology, I was able to take just fish oil and a multi-vitamin.  So honestly,  that helped defer the cost of Shakeology.  Also—I do not buy as many items at the grocery store because I know I am getting all my nutrients from  Shakeology.  I would buy foods I didn’t even really like just because I knew my body needed them to be healthy. I ate certain veggies that I thought were odd and did not taste well either just because we all know it is important to eat a wide  variety.  I do not do that now.  Of course I still eat lots n lots of veggies—but  only the ones I like because Shakeology is making up for the nutritients I am missing.

The price of Shakeology really can turn some people off.   Honestly though, it is a meal replacement. How much did you spend  on that healthy meal at Texas Roadhouse or Outback last Saturday night?  I bet it was a lot  more than the $4 that Shakeology costs! How much do you spend on lunch everyday?  I bet it was a lot more than  the $4 Shakeology costs! When I replaced my lunch with Shakeology it actually saved me a few bucks a week. ( CLICK HERE to checkout my explanation and get your free Shakeology sample.)  Now, anyone wanna bet which one was more healthy?  Which one has 37 doctors with their name signed in ink backing their product up?  Which  one guarantees to promote good health? Shakeology is the only one.

Are you a sucker for Starbucks Latte’s—most people will spend 4.75 every morning of their life and it will not leave them satisfied?  They still have to eat breakfast! How many times have you paid $6  for a healthy fruit smoothie? Do you know that when they say  real fruit . . . they mean real fruit juice?  Drop the fake smoothies, drop the Starbucks, drop the  lunches out, drop the supplements and you’ve actually saved money by purchasing  Shakeology.  I know what you are thinking—how is it any different than any other shake on the market. I said the same thing!! I looked at Shakeology for 3 months before I decided to purchase it.  Then I decided to compare my daily lunch with Shakeology and realized it was slightly cheaper than the lunch I ate everyday and contained 72 healthy ingredients.  That’s all the fruits and veggies I needed in a day in something that tasted like a chocolate milkshake.  I”M IN!!!!  How many healthy ingredients in other protein shakes or meal replacement shakes? I am sure it’s not  72. Each shake equals 5 plates of veggies. 5!! Not 1, but 5! I like veggies, but  not really 5 plates worth, LOL. Who has anything comparable? No one, I  have checked.



Honestly, how much do you spend on your  favorite pair of jeans? Is it worth it to you to feel good in those jeans? How  would you feel knowing those jeans looked great on you?  Spending money on your health is the best investment you will ever make and I am sure you will see  the investment was worth it when you live a long, healthy life.  Investing in  your health is the one thing in life that Americans do not do.  We invest in the  stock market and look what happened during the recession. Invest in something that YOU can reap the benefits of your whole life.  In the end, is it not your health that matters most?   What good does it do to have a great yield in the stock market if you are on the  verge of a heart attack?

Coaches comparison: Shakeology as a member is $119 and as a coach it is $89…that  is $30 in savings so even after the 14.99 web fee each month, you are pocketing  $15—which adds up over the course of a year!

That does not even INCLUDE  when you send people to your website and they buy something!! So then for every  Shakeology you sell you make 29.99 from it! Selling 2 Shakeology’s a month =  $59.98 in your pocket. If you bought your Shakeology as a coach compared to a  member you paid $89.00, so if all you sold were 2 Shakeology’s a month, you  would be getting your OWN bag for $30!!

Honestly, once you have tried  Shakeology you will see what the ‘hype’ is and why everyone orders it. You will  also see that you DO NOT want to run out…so since you will be ordering it every  month anyway, why not be a Coach just to save yourself the $$!!! You do not ever even have to tell someone about your website and you would still be better off  than buying Shakeology through another Coach!

This is a picture of the Shakeology wall inside the Beachbody headquarters in California.  Each jar of ingredients is labeled with the product and its nutritional value.  Impressive!!!


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