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Coach Greene’s Weekly Check In

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Weekly Coach Check-In: April 1st, 2012

Hey TeamInternallyFit,

Well gang I’m a little sad today as I write this and I bet you’re wondering why, right?  Well, today is the last day of my Spring break.  Tomorrow it’s back to work and back to my old routine.  I’ve had a really great week spending time with my family.  I also completed my second week of my P90X 2 P.A.P. workouts in which I saw improvements all around.  If you’re familiar with the P.A.P. workouts from X2 then you know what a big deal that is, man those workouts are tough . . . in a good way.

I wanted to let you know that I have samples for the new Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.  If you would like a free sample just CLICK HERE, fill out the info and I would be glad to send you one.  I hope to have a recipe calendar for Tropical on my Shakeology website early this week so you can see which ones sound good.

I have exciting news for everyone.  When I finish P90X 2 I will be starting a Challenge group.  The Challenge Groups will consist of small groups of 5 people rather than 1 big group.  The Challenge Group will only be for those team members who purchase a Challenge Pack.  CLICK HERE to read about the Challenge Packs.  Once purchased just send me a quick email or message on Facebook and I will add you to our private page and give you the details.  If you’ve never been a part of a challenge group it’s a great way to stay motivated, get advice and workout with like minded people who are doing the same or similar workout.

More details on the challenge group will follow.

New on this week:

1.) Tai Cheng: Order Now! : Tai Cheng is here!  Renew your youthful energy in just 90 days through the healing motion of Tai Cheng! Developed with Dr. Mark Cheng, this low-impact program combines the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi with 21st-century sports science. It includes 12 workout DVDs, plus a Master Scroll reference DVD and valuable fitness tools to help you turn back the clock and feel absolutely fantastic.  CLICK HERE to go to the link.

2.) Gym Membership: Is there a better way to lose weight and get in shape without going to a crowded, sweaty gym?  Yes, read this article to see how Beachbody has created the #1 home fitness company in the world with programs like P90X, P90X 2, Insanity and Turbo Fire.

3.) Our Future: Did you know that cavities and root canals are on the rise in PRESCHOOLERS!!  We’ve created a society of kids who are addicted to junk food and who are predicted to live shorter lives than their parents.  Read this article to find out how you can change it.

4.) EXERCISE=ENERGY: Want more energy?  Want to look and feel better?  Well then exercise is the answer.  It has been proven time and time again that exercise will help increase your energy level.  Read this article to find out more.

Weekly Health Tip:

Black pepper should be a staple in your spice rack.  You may think of pepper as salt’s other half, but pepper can stand alone, especially if you have or are at risk for high blood pressure and need to limit your sodium intake.


And 2 favors that I ask:

1) If you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and videos, PLEASE help me out by sharing them. Click the share links below them and share them on FB, twitter, etc.  It really helps me get more exposure and grow TeamInternallyFit!

2) Also, remember that the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site,, (If you buy from the plain Beachbody site I get no credit). It helps with the amount of time I spend answering all your questions and helping you out. Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Food, Faith and Fitness

Todd Greene

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