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Coach Greene’s Weekly Check In

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Weekly Coach Check-In: December 25th, 2012

Hey TeamInternallyFit,

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!!  Today is the day, the king of all holidays – Christmas Day!!!  I hope you and your family are celebrating Christmas, enjoying good fellowship, healthy eating and remembering the “Reason for the Season”, the birth of Jesus.  Don’t forget to keep “Christ” in Christmas.

This is my favorite holiday of the year for many reasons, but especially for the time I get to spend with my family and friends.  Christmas is not just a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus or tearing open gifts, it’s also the last of the eating holidays before the New Year.  I hope you’re not one of those putting the final touches on their waistline before looking for answers in January.  Remember, if you’re not consistence with your eating, than your results won’t be consistent either.  I haven’t said this in awhile but 80 % of your results will come from a healthy eating plan.

What have your eating habits been like over the holidays?  Have you been eating like the jolly ole elf St. Nick or have you been a scrooge this year and kept to your nutrition plan?  It’s hard I know, but it’s also hard to live an unhealthy, unfit lifestyle to.  The guilt, the medications, the medications to counter act the other medications, the lack of energy . . . the list goes on and on.  What are you going to do about it?  Find the support you need, find out what’s holding you back, ask yourself “Why?”, why do you need to eat healthy and exercise?  Don’t wait til next week, let’s get it done NOW!!

If you have any questions or need motivation, don’t hesitate to ask because that’s what I’m here for.  Don’t make excuses, find the answers, push play every day and make 13’ the best year of you life.

New on this week:

1.) Skinny = Healthy? – We’ve all heard that, right?  If you’re skinny you must be health and if you’re over weight you must be unhealthy.  Recent studies have a different take on that statement.  Read to find out the REAL answer.

2.) Holiday Food = Calories – put together a list of some of our favorite Christmas eats, including the calories we consume with each.  Find out how many calories you are really eating over Christmas and find some alternatives to help keep your waistline in check.

3.) Overcoming Holiday Excuses – This time of year we love to make excuses and justify why we need to shove thousands of calories of food down our throats.  Here’s a list of how you can overcome those excuses this year and keep yourself on track.

WEEKLY HEALTH TIP: Cocoa powder is the antioxidant-rich component of chocolate/ Antioxidants called flavanols may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and arthritis and slow age-related memory loss.  Unsweetened cocoa powder is a healthy yet indulgent addition to pancakes, muffins, and beverages. 


And 2 favors that I ask:
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Food, Faith and Fitness

Todd Greene
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