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Monday Motivation!

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Here are some simple tips to motivate you to start working out and stick with it.

1.) Write yourself notes:  Use sticky notes or have your phone remind you when it’s time to workout.  Having these little reminders will go a long way to keeping you focused.

2.) Set specific goals:  Don’t just make your workouts about weight loss, but give a specific amount and when you’d like to reach that goal.  Maybe it’s to get stronger or lift a certain amount of weight.  Write down your goals and then go for it!

3.) Find a partner:  Find someone that will challenge you, keep you motivated and hold you accountable.  Rely on each other for help and support.

4.) Have a reward system:  Reward yourself throughout your journey.  It can be a $10 shopping spree or a food reward.  Just keep in simple and don’t go overboard, like eating a whole cake!

5.) Have fun:  There are more than enough workout programs for you to choose from, Beachbody has over 20 that fit any fitness or health level. (Checkout the list above under the programs tab)  Find one you think meets your needs and have fun crushing those goals!


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