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Benefits of Interval Triaining

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)is all about speed and long term calorie burn.  Speed during exercises – it’s intense.  Speed during workouts – usually they last less than 20 minutes and speed for results – an HIIT workout will lose up to 9 times more fat than a similar cardio workout. It is mostly used for individuals trying to lose weight but the rate at which it can make you fitter makes it valuable for all types of exercise.  It has a number of distinct goals and differences which make it unique.

One of the advantages to HIIT training is that it can be applied to almost any form of cardio imaginable and can even be custom tailored to fit any exercising level, from beginners all the way to Olympic athletes!

The comparisons between high intensity duration exercise (HIIT)  and low to moderate intensity long duration exercise (LLD) continue to  spark conversation and controversy.  While there is no doubt that research suggests long, slow endurance type training does have some  benefits (jogging, traditional weight training), can high intensity training be more effective for the average  person?

1.    Muscle changes: As the intensity of a particular activity  increases, more muscle fibers are needed to perform the activity.  The  highly intense nature of HIT elicits rapid changes in muscle chemistry to be able to tolerate such an increase in recruitment.

2.    Increase fat utilization: HIT contractions stimulate nerve  pathways that increase the amount of energy producing structures  (mitochondria) in muscle fibers.  This simply means that these structures are responsible for burning fat.

3.    Time efficient: Some studies have used training protocols as  short as 4 minutes of total workout time and produced similar, if not  better, results than LLD training.  The average HIIT workout usually lasts about 20 minutes (Insanity, Turbo Fire, Plyometrics from P90X). That is 40 minutes less than the recommended  time to complete an LLD workout.  I do not about you but I would rather  be finished in 1/3 of the time and get even better results.

 4.    After burners: HIIT has been shown to increase metabolism for  hours after the workout ended.  LLD effects usually stop after you are  done with your workout.  Though it is difficult to get an exact number,  some research suggests that even more calories are burned in the hours after a workout than were burned during the workout.  This is called the after burn effect.

5.    Range of populations: HIIT can be performed by a range of  populations from the elite athlete to someone recovering from coronary artery disease. Research is now showing effective results for cardiac  rehabilitation by using HIIT CLICK HERE.  Granted the intensity is not going to be  the same for the cardiac patient and the elite athlete, but the  principle remains.  Even the out of shape, obese person is more likely  to tolerate 30 seconds of high intensity than 60 minutes of running on a  treadmill.

6.    Long-term adherence: Because HIIT workouts can be done quickly and  show results within as little as 2 weeks, those that use HIIT are more likely to continue a training program than those who start an LLD  training program. Not to mention, there are more exercise possibilities to reduce boredom with HIIT program.

HIIT has been shown consistently to effectively reduce fat, get in  shape, and make necessary changes within the muscles to allow for  greater well being.  HIIT can be used by nearly everyone in one form or  another and provides enough variety to prevent boredom and increase the  likelihood of long term adherence.

Plyometrics (also known as “plyos”) is a type of  exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and  improve the  functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose  of improving  performance in sports.

Plyometric training involves and uses practicing plyometric  movements to  toughen tissues and train nerve cells to stimulate a  specific pattern  of muscle contraction so the muscle generates as strong a contraction as possible in the   shortest amount of time. A plyometric contraction involves first a rapid   muscle lengthening movement (eccentric phase), followed by a short   resting phase (amortization phase), then an explosive muscle shortening   movement (concentric phase), which enables muscles to work together in   doing the particular motion. Plyometric training engages the myotatic reflex, which is the automatic contraction of muscles when their stretch sensory receptors are stimulated.

Do HIIT every Second Day

An HIIT workout should not be done on consecutive days. The workouts goal is to operate at a high intensity.  So when you do your reps, you do them as hard as you can.  Working as hard as this produces the benefits of High Intensity
Interval Training.  The workout burns energy from your muscle systems and it needs time to replenish it.  If this doesn’t happen you will not be able to workout with as much intensity and you have much greater chance of injuring
yourself.  The benefits happen in your body during your rest period and the more rested you are, the more intensity you can put into your workout.


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