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I’ve spent the last 5+ years doing Beachbody workouts and only Beachbody workouts.  No gyms, no extra lifting or running, just Beachbody products.  I will have to admit I have gotten better results with Beachbody products in just a few months than the previous 25 years working out in a gym.  I owe my success to the variety of programs, nutritional guides and supplements that are packed into every Beachbody program that I have used.

I get asked quiet often if I get bored doing the same 4 or 5 workout programs over and over.  The answer is NO.  That’s because the possibility with each workout is endless.  For example, p90X comes with three different 90 day routines right out of the box.  The classic, which most people are familiar with, doubles and lean.  You can choose the one that best fits what your particular goals are at the time.  I have also completed several hybrids using Beachbody workouts.  A hybrid is where you take two or even three Beachbody workouts and combine them.  Monday, I may do P90x chest and back, then follow on Tuesday with pure cardio from Insanity and then on Wednesday I will do diamond delts from Tony Horton’s 1 on 1 series.  A new day means a new workout.  I’ve also used P90 X to build muscle mass (Summer 2011).  Yes, you heard me right, mass building.  During the workout I use weighted backpacks ( kids old packs with old weights work nice) for push ups and pull ups.  I went back and looked at all of my old workout sheets and made sure that I use enough weight so I can only perform 6 to 8 reps on everything.  It feels like a completely different workout.  Same intensity, different result.

Body Beast and Les Mills Pump:

Currently (Summer/Fall 2014) I finishing Beachbody’s newest workout Body Beast.  This is strictly a muscle/mass building workout created by Sagi Kalev a former Israeli bodybuilder.  So far, this is my favorite Beachbody workout.  Since starting Body Beast in August, I’ve add over 7 lbs of muscle mass and increased my overall strength tremendously.  CLICK HERE to read more about Body Beast.

After Body Beast my next Beachbody workout will be Les Mills Pump.  Les Mills Pump is a high intensity workout that uses the “rep effect” to burn approx. 1000 calories a workout, while sculpting long, lean muscles.  CLICK HERE to read more about Les Mills Pump.

But which workouts are right for you?  That depends on where you are starting and where you want to be. There are no “one size fits all” plan, but there is are enough programs to undoubtedly to get you where you want to go.

P90X and Insanity:

Let’s start with the most popular programs offered by Beachbody, P90X and Insanity.  These are the most recognizable programs from Beachbody and also the most extreme of all the options.  Some may look at these two and think they are too intense and they may be for you, but that’s OK.  However, I have seen all types of men and women who have lost tremendous amounts of weight from these two workouts by following the workout and nutritional plan.

Insanity is a hardcore cardio program, and you will burn a ton of body fat with this program.  It involves a lot of plyometric jumping and full-body movements, but doesn’t use weights (with the one exception of the Upper Body Weight Training DVD).  I typically burn over 1,000 calories per session with Insanity, and my heart rate is through the roof!  It’s intense!  And it requires that you have knees and a back that can handle jumping, pivoting, and getting up and down from the floor a lot!

P90X is a total body fitness program that uses 3 lift days and 3 cardio days per week.  The lifting is through push-ups, pull-ups, and dumbbells (or you can substitute resistance bands).  P90X is my favorite program because of the balance it has between building muscle and burning fat.  The cardio is easier than Insanity, but it still works you pretty hard (especially PlyoX).

But what if P90X and Insanity are a little overwhelming for you?  What other programs might you want to consider?

Power 90:

Power 90 is a great program for those who don’t think they are quite ready for P90X.  The great thing about P90 is that you can still see huge results because the nutrition plan is similar to P90XThe workouts are a bit shorter, there are no pull-ups, and there is a wide variety of workouts just like P90XSome may think P90 won’t give them awesome results since it’s “easier” than P90X, but if you follow the workout and nutrition guide there is not doubt you will see awesome results.

Turbo Fire/ChaLean Extreme/Slim in 6

And what about the ladies who want to tone and burn calories, but aren’t sure Shaun T’s Insanity fits their style?  There is Turbo Fire and ChaLean Extreme — both great workouts for the ladies with ChaLean Johnson.  And of course there is the ever-popular Slim in 6You can learn all about these individual programs under the tab “Programs” on the top of this website.

P90X Plus and Tony’s 1 on 1 series

And for those of you who have already done P90X and/or Insanity and want something new, there are lots of ways to add variety and take the intensity up a notch.  P90X Plus is a great set of workouts to supplement the P90X workouts for those who have “graduated” their first 90 days, and I really enjoy using them in my hybrid workouts.  And of course there are Tony Horton’s 1-on-1′s, which are tailored to particular target zones (like “Just Arms”, “Diamond Delts”, “Upper Body Massacre”, “Killer Abs”, “Ab Ripper Extended”, etc.)  These are great to sprinkle into a routine to change things up and work specific muscle groups.

So there you have it, just a taste of what Beachbody offers and you can see that there are workout programs to fit everyone.  To make things even simpler I have add two tabs under programs, “Workouts for Men” and “Workouts for Women”.  If you need more help in decided which program is best for you fill free to contact me or make me your coach by clicking here.  Just fill out the information and let’s get started to get you the body you’ve always wanted.



























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