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“Bring It!” by Tony Horton – My Review

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I recently purchased the book, “Bring It!” by Tony Horton.  When I first heard about it I assumed it was for beginners who had never tried P90x or any other Beachbody workout.  But after picking it up and casually reading it in a local bookstore it became an “I’ll give it a try” purchase.  The more I read it, the more I realized that the book was for anybody, whether you’ve never done P90x or if you’ve done it 1oo times.  I do highly recommend the book, “Bring It!” to anyone looking to get in better shape and looking for an all in one place for workouts, nutrition, supplements and diet.

In my humble opinion, Tony comes across as a real honest person. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what he believes. Moreover, the guy is 52 years old and looks like he is in his mid 30s.

If you have any of the Tony Horton’s One-on-One discs, you get some pretty good insight into the real Tony. And when you ask those around him like Traci Morrow or Mason Bendewald if he is really like that in real life, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. So I was really interested to know the background into this crazy guy.

The book is broken up into 4 parts: (CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM)

1) The Principles

2) The Routines

3) The Moves

4) The Meal Plan

Even in the written word, you can hear Tony’s voice telling some of these goofy jokes. But Tony has a serious side too and his book is really catered around describing his principles, tailoring a program, and then telling you what your workout should consist of.

Part 1 – The Principle

Tony starts with a Fitness Quotient (FQ) that helps the reader figure out not only where their level of fitness is, but what they enjoy doing. No one is going to stick to a program they don’t fundamentally enjoy. He then provides some instructions for a standard fitness test, not unlike the P90x Fit test. Finally, Tony talks about the “soft skills”. When I say this, I mean the other things that will make you successful in achieving your goals like finding mentors, doing things that scare you at first, finishing what you start, etc.

Part 2 – The Routines

Depending on your fitness level, Tony has crafted (3) routines.

1) The Beginner’s Workout

2) The Strivers Workout

3) The Warrior’s Workout

He documents each workout in great detail and has some added motivational flare with side boxes like “Do Your Best and Forget The Rest!” It’s funny, the first time I heard these things I kind of brushed them off. Then I found myself saying things like, “Just Keep Pressing Play!” These little sayings get you through the hard times and keep you driving forward.

Part 3 – The Moves

This section of the book is a phenomenal reference guide and takes up 120 pages of the book. Each move is shown with multiple photographs and described in great detail. While I believe there is no substitute for seeing someone actually do the move, this book comes as close as possible on a printed page. He breaks the moves into 6 Categories:

1) Cardio Fat Burners

2) Upper Body Blasters

3) Firm Arms Fast

4) Lower Body Blitzers

5) Hard Core

6) Flex Appeal

Part 4 – The Meal Plan
I have had some many people ask me whether you need to follow the nutrition guide in P90x. In my opinion, this is 70% of the results and is truly the catalyst for your lifestyle change. Food affects us everyday and how and when we eat is a fundamental rhythm to our day. Changing an ingrained habit like this takes time and patience, but most importantly desire. This part of the book is really great, but can be overwhelming to many. Here is my advice. Take it one step at a time. My nutrition, like my workouts, have slowly improved over time. I would not have been able to eat as clean as I do now back on Day 1 . It wasn’t that I didn’t have the desire, I didn’t have the knowledge. Tony breaks this down into 4 Sections.

1) Part 1: The Cleanse

2) Part 2: Norish

3) Part 3: Supplement

4) 11 Laws of Health and Fitness

Now for “The Cleanse”, this is a 30-day process. This will scare most people and it scared me for most of my life.

“You want me to get away from what kind of foods?”

“Well, what am I going to eat then?”

“Well, I don’t have time for all of that!”

My best advice is to be open to this. I have turned from meat and potatoes, hot dog / pizza / burger loving American, to shopping at Whole Foods and buying organic and locally grown food. I made fun of people like me!! LOL!

Next comes what we eat. Garbage In / Garbage Out. You can’t expect a race car to perform on 87 octane fuel. Once you really start putting good nutritious food in your body, you will be amazed at how many of your ailments disappear. Tony does provide some sample meals. I strongly suggest you create your own baseline meal. Once I did that, I was able to learn to substitute little by little and it didn’t seem so overwhelming to me.

Finally, Tony talks about Supplements. This was extremely helpful to me and you will see me reference this in my upcoming Supplements Blog. If you are as confused about supplements as I was, this section alone is worth the money.

The book ends with Tony talking about his 11 Laws of Health and Fitness. Some real words of wisdom here that just seem to pass the common sense test for me. Read them often and as you go through your program see if you are on track. Print these out and put them on your desk!

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