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Coach Greene’s Weekly Check In

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Weekly Coach Check-In: January 28th, 2014

Hey TeamInternallyFit,

Can you believe it’s already the last week of January?  Man, time fly’s.  I’m currently on my 4th week of P90X 3 and I can’t tell you how much I love the variety and difficulty of these workouts.  I know they’re only 30 minutes but Tony has cranked up the intensity and developed another winner. 

One of the workouts that surprised me with how difficult it was had to be X3 Isometrix.  30 minutes, multiple holds, each 45 seconds, I didn’t think I was going to finish this one.  Just because the workouts are short doesn’t mean they aren’t difficult.  So, what workout are you doing right now?  Do you like it?  What do you like best about it?  What do you like least?

A week from Monday Beachbody’s newest workout and newest trainer will go on sale.  It is called the 21 Day Fix and its master trainer is Autumn Calabrese.  Autumn, best known as a bikini model and creator of Change My Plate, has brought the same technique to her 21 Day Fix Program.  Here are the basics:

*The program is 21 days long

* You workout 7 days a week for 3 weeks

*Each workout is only 30 minutes long

*The nutrition plan involves 6 varying containers, fill the containers in the morning and when they are empty . . . you’re finished eating for the day.

*This program teaches you portion control and proper nutrition distribution.


Don’t forget this is the last week to take advantage of BB’s X3 and T25 Challenge Packs at an incredible discount.  Both X3 and T25 Challenge Packs will be offered through the month of January at only $180.00 (regularly $205.00).  That’s an unbelievable deal considering you get a great workout, nutr

ition plan, shakeology and the support you need to get you through the 90 days.

New on this week:

1.) Don’t Skip Breakfast – It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason, don’t skip breakfast.  Find out more reasons why you should eat breakfast.

2.) Fat Habits – People that are overweight tend to have the same habits.  Read more to find out what they are and how you can get rid of these habits that are making you fat.

3.) Balanced Diet / Busy Schedule – It’s not possible to stay healthy while being extremely busy . . . or is it?  Read to find out how you can eat healthy and stay fit on the busiest schedule.

4.) Monday Motivation!! – Today starts the last week of January, man time flies.  You don’t have time to waste, beach and vacation season will be here before you know it.

WEEKLY HEALTH TIP: Turmeric has a combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects; turmeric helps combat diseases such as colon cancer, prostate cancer and cystic fibrosis.  It can ever reduce the risk of developing childhood leukemia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age.  The curcumin found in turmeric helps limit fat expansion in your body, which means you can eat the same amount of food without storing quite as much fat.



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Food, Faith and Fitness
Coach Greene

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