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Fit Habits

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Do you want to be fit?  Do you want to be healthier or lose weight or feel better?  If so, these are some fit habits of healthy, fit people.  Enjoy!

1.) Always celebrate your progress, no matter how small.  Be fit and healthy is a lifestyle change, it’s going to take some time.  Enjoy the journey and be patient.

2.) Go to BED!!!  Fit people also get plenty of sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night.  If you’re getting less, you will see diminished results.  Your body can’t function at it’s highest level if its sleep deprived.

3.) Do something physical everyday.  It doesn’t have to be super intense to be effective.  You just have to commit to get up and move . . . EVERYDAY!!

4.) Focus on how you feel and stop spending so much time looking in the mirror, standing on the scale or measuring every body part.

5.) Don’t skip a workout just because you are sore from the previous workout.  Most people don’t realize that light cardio or any light workout will help stop soreness much sooner.

6.) Don’t be afraid to workout at home.  I worked out at a gym for 20 years but I’ve gotten better results in the last 5 years by working out at home with home based DVD programs like P90X, Insanity and Body Beast.

7.) Don’t drink your calories.  Starbucks, soda’s (even diet soda’s) or even supposed low calorie drinks are filled with “junk” that can derail your health and fitness progress.  Drink you water people!!

8.) Avoid fast food and eat real food.  There are great time savers in creating healthy meals on the go.  Take time to do your research and find ways to make your meal real, healthy and quick.

9.) Stop waiting for the perfect time to get started, like before a reunion, wedding or a new years resolution.  Today is a great day to start.

10.) When you don’t feel your best and are thinking about skipping your workout, remember how great your going to feel when its done.

11.) Variety, variety, variety.  If you don’t change up your workout you will eventually become bored and quit.  Change it up.

12.) Consider buying a heart rate monitor, food journal, fitness app (FitnessPal) or any other fitness tracker.  Knowing how many calories your burning, how many calories, proteins, carbs and fats your eating everyday will go a long way to helping you better understand how YOUR body functions.

13.) Only 15 minutes to workout?  Do it anyway.  People who are healthy and fit don’t make time excuses.  Yes, you can get a great workout in only 15 minutes.


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