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Flat Stomach Secrects

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Lets admit it, we all want a shredded six pack.  When you pull your shirt off over your head, we want people to pause and glance at us out of the corner of their eyes as they admire our washboard stomach.  But how does one go about achieving such a goal?  It’s become clear that just doing a hundred crunches each morning won’t get you there.  So what is the best, most effective way to get those abs to pop?

The first is losing the fat that covers your muscles and prevents them from being seen.   Toward that end you need to step up your cardio game.  The second lies in doing resistance training to help build your overall musculature, and while the third lies in doing a complex series of ab exercises that target your core from all angles, not just the front. If you work the obliques, the upper and lower abs, if you do planks and even strengthen the back, then you’ll be getting in business.  Beachbody offers a number of workouts that involve weight training,  cardio and ab work.  P90X, P90X2, Insanity:The Asylum, Chalean Extreme, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Pump just to name a few.

Or you could go the Insanity Workout way as designed by trainer Shaun T.  His premise is that by doing insane amounts of high energy interval training you will naturally develop crazy abs which will show as the fat melts off you. By doing a punishing mixture of plyometrics, cardio, sports drills and more, you will over the course of two months burn off tons of weight while strengthening your core beyond belief.  Insanity is billed as an incredibly intense advanced and extreme workout, so if you can hang in there and complete the program, the odds are those abs will be showing in no time!

So there you go. The trick lies in burning off the fat that already covers your body, hiding those abs, and most people say that if you can get down to 8% body fat you’ll start to show them off.  Simultaneously you need to workout hard, you need to do a lot of varied core work in order to really shred you center, and then you’ll be in business!

Here are some things that you can do to help burn off the fat from around your waist area:

1.)  For quick fat loss, you need to change your eating habits.  Avoid eating too much at a time.  Instead eat 5-6 small meals a day. It keeps your metabolism running and more food is burned relatively.  (NO JUNK FOOD!!)

2.)  Water is your best friend on fat loss journey. It prevents your body from storing extra flesh, help keep you feeling full and is the best at hydrating your body.  Remember, 80% of your body is made of it!!!.

3.) Try to not eat fast. Taking smaller bites and chewing them slowly makes you feel like you’ve been eating from a long time.  In other words, it makes you avoid overeating.

4.) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  (CLICK HERE to read my article: Don’t skip breakfast) If your body is in starvation mode, your metabolism slows down. And if the metabolism is slow, body tends to store fat easily.

5.)  Go with the exercise program. Beachbody offers a HUGH variety of workouts to meet anybody’s fitness level.  CLICK HERE to read my article, “Something for EVERYBODY”.

6.)  Stress is one of the main causes of fat.  Hence, relax and keep yourself in high spirits.  Research has proven taking a sound sleep also helps.

7.) Set your goals and be committed.


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