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Focus: T25 BETA Review

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Last week I posted Part One of my review of Shaun T’s new workout program Focus: T25 ALPHA PHASE, the introductory phase into the workout.  In case you missed it you can check it out HERE.  This week I’ve doubled up the BETA workouts to give you a comprehensive review of the second level of Focus: T25, the BETA PHASE.

The BETA PHASE is basically month two in the T25 workout program, you will start these workouts at week 6 and continue until the end of the program at week 10.  The BETA workouts are definitely a step up from the ALPHA workouts.  The ALPHA workouts use progressions with each move and build as the workout progresses, plus during most of the ALPHA workouts you will have a short 3 to 5 minute “burn out” circuit that really ramps up the heart rate.  In the BETA phase there is no need for “burn outs” because all of the workouts are burnouts!!! (LOL)

Just like the ALPHA phase, the BETA workouts are 25 minutes, but most of the moves are 1 minute long, unlike the ALPHA phase moves which are usually 30 seconds.  Each move also contains a modified version, which allows this workout to be accessible to anyone, at any fitness level.  At the end of each workout there is a short 2 to 3 minute cool down workout, sorry this does not count towards your 25 minutes, it comes up separately at the end.

If you feel the workouts might be too difficult, just use the modified moves until you’re comfortable.  If you feel the workouts might not be as difficult as Insanity or Asylum because they are only 25 minutes, you’re wrong.  The best thing about Focus: T25 is that its perfect for any fitness level and everyone can get the results they want, it’s very versatile.

Here is a summary of the BETA workouts:

Core Cardio (equipment needed NADA)

This is your first taste of the BETA phase and it’s a doozy.  This workout contains fast paced cardio and agility moves that requires you to focus on your core, thus the name.  This workout includes moves like split lunge agility, twisting lunges,  plus squat and lunge pulses, YIKES!  There are various plyo moves that tighten and tone your core, as well as a tough plank sequence at the end (side plank, toe taps were not my favorite).  This is the only BETA workout that contains a Burnout sequence involving burpees, planks, lunges and sprints.  This workout is a great mix of cardio to burn fat and core exercises to sculpt the mid-section.

Speed 2.0 (equipment needed NADA)

No progression sets here, this is an all out fat burner for 25 minutes, I caught myself peeking at the timer very often.  You will notice right off the bat that this workout is going to ramp it up and that it will require more coordination than in the previous workouts.  There are no warm-ups, no breaks and no burn out sets (the entire workout is a burn out set!! LOL).  If you’ve completed Insanity this workout will look familiar simply because it contains rounds and levels.  In each round you will perform a set of moves and then repeat those moves two more times, while trying to up the intensity.  The first two levels are approximately 1 minute and the last set is only approximately 15 to 20 seconds.  My calves were on FIRE after this one and again I burned over 400 calories.  Get ready to workout in a pool of sweat during this workout.  Don’t worry, after completing the ALPHA phase you will be ready.

Rip’t Circuit (Dumbbells or bands)

The first thing that I noticed about this routine is that the moves were all at least 1 minute, during the ALPHA phase you will combine 2 moves a minute, but here is an all out, 1 minute assault on the body . . . and I LOVED IT!!  The workout rotates between a cardio move, then a resistance move and followed by an ab move, then repeat.  Since there are no breaks in these workouts I suggest you get your weights set up beforehand so you won’t have to stop to get them.  In the video everyone stayed with the same weight (5, 10 or 15 lbs) but I chose to increase or decrease the weight based on the exercise.  I maxed out a 25 lbs, not sure at this point I could do much more.

Dynamic Core (mat)

Get ready, this workout will hit your core from every angle possible . . . and then some!  All of your focus and attention is directed towards your core for the entire workout.  Dynamic core is a great mix of high intensity cardio and agility moves to help you “get your sweat on”.  The thing that you will first notice about dynamic core is that the workouts are done at a slower pace, but I’m here to tell you, that doesn’t mean they are easier.  Listen to Shaun T’s ques, focus on your mid-section and this workout will help you tone and tighten your abs.

Upper Focus (dumbbells or bands)

If you want a great upper body workout, this is it.  You start off with a mix of cardio to get your heart rate up while focusing on the upper body with planks and pushups.  After getting your heart pumping it’s time to pick up the weights or resistance bands.  During the workout the people in the video use the same weight throughout, however I set up a mix of weights nearby so that I could quickly change to a weight that I was going to get the maximum results from.  For example, for the shoulders and arm moves I used 25 lb dumbbells but went down to the 15’s on the single/double straight arm fly’s.  It’s your choice but again thats what I like about this program, it’s flexible for any level of fitness.   Just be sure to keep the weights close by and change quickly.  Similar to the Rip’t Circuit, it’s nice to have 2 resistance workouts to choose from.


Like I mentioned earlier, the BETA phase is definitely a step up from the ALPHA phase workouts, the pace, the timing and the addition of resistance are the noticeable differences.  Don’t worry if you’ve completed the first 5 weeks of the ALPHA phase then you should be ready to push play on the BETA phase.  If you think the ALPHA phase is “too easy” (I don’t know who you are) it would be my suggestion to either move to the BETA phase or double up your ALPHA workouts like I have.  Also, like the ALPHA phase I burned over 400 calories in each of the BETA workouts, not bad for 25 minutes.

Focus: T25 is a great program for every fitness level with little or no equipment and 25 minute workouts.  Give it a try and see for yourself.  

Oh, and don’t forget there is also another phase to Focus: T25.  It’s called GAMMA and it’s a deluxe phase that you can add later if you need to push harder and harder.


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