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Fountain of Youth

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The fountain of youth, Ponce de Leon looked for it way back in 1513, and countless other explorers have searched for it throughout history but it has yet to be found . . . until NOW.  The secret to youthful vitality is not found in a mythical pool or potions.  Believe it or not its found at your local grocery story, in your kitchen cabinets, in front of your T.V. and on your meal plate.  That’s right the fountain of youth is simple, clean eating and regular exercise.  These days, as America’s head to old age, the “anti-aging” business – a multibillion dollar industry and with so many products, potions, pills and procedures routinely marketed as “anti-aging” leaves many confused and frustrated.

Here’s a few things you need to know before you start to turn back the clock.

First, there are no short cuts, if you find one it’s only temporary.  The general rule of thumb here is that if it sounds too good to be true,then it probably is.  Make a lifestyle change and commit to working out 30 to 60 minutes a day.  It’s only 4% of your day and it will make the other 23 hours sooooooo much better.

Second, your age is simply a number. Your biological age, determined by such factors as your cholesterol levels, physical strength, bone density and resting heart rate, is a better age indicator than your birth date.  If you think you have to slow down with age check out these guys, most are in their 50’s  CLICK HERE.  By eating a clean, healthy diet you can turn back the clock, improve your skin, have more energy and live a healthier, happier life.

Finally, studies show that 30 % of the rate at which we age is determined by genetics.  The rest of it is determined by your lifestyle.  Think about, 70% of how you age is determined by YOU.  I heard a great quote that pretty much sums this philosophy up, “Genetics load the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”  The good news is that if you look and feel older than you really are, don’t panic there is something you can do about this.

How do I get started?

1.)  Make a commitment to a lifestyle change and a clean diet (if you need eating/meal suggestions check out the nutrition tab above).  The very best thing you can do to stay young?  Fuel your body with proper nutrition.  It will take years off your body and give you a feeling of youthfulness and vitality. 

2.) Exercise, you have to move a lot and with a lot of variety.  I was 35, but felt like 65 until I changed my eating habits and started to workout on a daily basis.  I started with P90X, then worked my way into Insanity.  These are tremendous workouts that not only taught me proper exercise but how to eat for success.  I now workout 7 days a week using one of the following Beachbody workouts: P90X, P90X 2, Insanity, The Asylum Vol 1, Les Mills Pump, Body Beast or Focus T25.  No more guessing what workout to do or what body part to work on.  Just choose a workout, follow the fitness and nutritional guide and the results will soon follow.

I started working out in front of the T.V. in my bedroom.  I didn’t need any fancy equipment, gym membership or a lot of space, just the commitment to exercise and eat clean daily.

3.) Set goals.  Decide what you want first, is it to lose weight?  Have more energy?  Whatever your goal(s), write it down.  Then map out a plan on how you’re going to reach those goals.  Beachbody has over 20 workouts to choose from, for any age or fitness level.  If you like cardio, they have multiple workouts, for every fitness level.  If you like resistance workouts, again Beachbody has your answer.  If you life both, no problem, Beachbody has thought of you too.  You don’t have an excuse for finding the right workout, Beachbody has more than enough to choose from. 

If you would like to checkout Beachbody’s line of workout programs, just click on the tab above labeled, programs.  There you can read more about each program, it’s benefits and watch a preview video. 


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