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Health Danger – Artificial Additives

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We’ve known it for years, food additives can be dangerous, so why do we keep eating foods that are full of them?  Food additives have been associated with the risks and benefits of foods.  Some artificial food additives have been linked with cancer, digestive problems, neurological conditions, ADHD, heart disease or obesity.  Natural additives may be similarly harmful or be the cause of allergic reactions in certain individuals.  I read this article and wanted to pass it on to you.  


Health Dangers of Artificial Food Additives

Diet Dangers of Artificial Food Additives

Here is the case for weeding out the artificial additives lurking in your food that could effect your diet and weight-loss goals
By Robyn O’Brien prevention

One of the world’s largest food and candy makers just announced that the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives it has pumped into its candies are being dumped and replaced by natural ingredients in the United Kingdom.

The move is not a surprising one. After all, in 2005, on the heels of a well-published study called the Southampton Study, a lot of food manufacturers in the UK, including our very own American food manufacturers who sell products over there, began to remove artificial colors and preservatives from the products they sell (especially the products sold to children).

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And the reason they did it? Well, as news outlets ran stories about the potential harm that things like artificial ingredients could cause and their links to hyperactivity, companies like Nestle claim that they opted to remove these ingredients from their products in the UK “in response to consumer demand.”

Not because of legislation, not because of some regulatory climate, but because consumers insisted on it.

Pretty powerful stuff. But after all, consumers were well-informed with powerful independent studies showing that artificial blues and reds are linked to hyperactivity in children and that these colors may be derived from cancer causing agents. That’s not something you can unlearn. Most people would want to opt out and insist that the product be formulated using the natural alternative once they learned that.

And in the UK, that’s exactly what happened. Nestle actually highlighted a study that showed that 74 percent of consumers looked for products that do not contain additional additives. Savvy shoppers, as these ingredients are often derived from coal tar products and petrochemicals.

So what’s an eater to do in the United States if we want to avoid these additives that Nestle is removing from their candies in other countries? Well, a sure fire way to eat to beat additional additives is to purchaseorganic products, which by law are not allowed to contain things like artificial dyes and preservatives. Another option is just to dial back on the colored foods and candies (opt for chocolate!).

The bottom line is that there are baby steps that all of us can take, and they add up, and then we become the “consumer demand” and the bottom line that these companies respond to.

So remember, while none of us can do everything, all of us can do something. So let the food companies know how you feel by how you shop. Because together, we are a nation of over 300 million eaters, and what we choose to put in our shopping carts and on the ends of our forks are pretty powerful tools to help create the changes we want to see in the health of our families and food system.

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2 Responses to “Health Danger – Artificial Additives”

  1. Anita says:

    A lot of people don’t realize what is actually in their food. It might take a few extra minutes to read the packages to see what is in your food, but it’s worth the time. I personally have went organic as much as I can. Making my own soap, etc. People think I’m nuts, but I feel a lot better then I used to!!

    • Coach Greene says:

      Hey Anita,
      I have daily conversations with people about the junk they put in their body’s. People don’t take the time to find out whats good and whats bad, that’s why I try to post these types of articles to help educate others. I also try to buy as much organic as I can get my hands on.

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