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How to gain weight with P90X.

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The results are in . . . drum roll please!!  After completing 90 days of a P90X/Insanity/Asylum/1 0n 1 mass building hybrid I was able to add 9 lbs of muscle in just three months.  So, for anybody that thinks you can’t add mass with P90 X, you’re WRONG!!!

How do you gain mass with P90 X?

1.)  Low Reps/Heavy Weights – I started by looking back at my previous workout sheets and decided what weight I needed to keep my reps in the 8 rep range.  What about pull-ups and push-ups?  Well, since I have a small bench (Wal-Mart -$45.00) instead of doing regular push-ups I did dumbbell flys (I subbed slow motion push-ups with stands for others) and for pull-ups I simply went EXTREMELY slow for 8 to 10 reps (weighted vets works great too).

2.) Pre-workout – If you’re like me, money is tight so I don’t spend alot of money on pre-workout supplements.  However, research indicates that you will be more successful at gaining mass if you use some type of pre-workout.  My pre-workout was simple, I mixed protein with two tbsp of PB 2 peanut butter and it worked great.  It wasn’t too heavy on my stomach and I started my day with a blast of protein and just enough calories to help me through my workout.  UPDATE: Currently I’m using E&E Energy and Endurance pre-workout from Beachbody and I’m loving it.  It all natural healthy ingredients that gives you just what you need to blast through any workout.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

3.) Eat alot of calories – This was my favorite part of building mass with my hybrid.  I broke my calories down into three days – Lift days, cardio days and recovery days.  On lift days I would consume approximately 3500 calories ( Protein 33%, Carbs 50%, Fat 15% – give or take).  When I did cardio I would drop my calories to 3300 calories and on recovery days I would take in approximately 3,000 calories.  If you want your muscles to grow you have to feed them the proper nutrition.  No cheat meals!!!!!

4.) Rest – I have worked out long enough to know the importance of rest on muscle growth — I just never did it!  I’ve mentioned in other posts that I hate to sleep, but when I started my mass building hybrid I made a commitment to go to bed 1 hour earlier.  The truth is that your muscles grow while you rest, so getting enough sleep every night is crucial.

5.) Longer rest between sets – If you’ve ever done P90X before, you know how incredibly fast the pace is.  You are literally moving from one exercise to another with only seconds to recover.  What I discovered is that if I needed to take a breather, I simply paused the tape and pushed play when I was ready.  I did this because I wanted to make sure that I had recovered enough to push myself harder.

6.) Less Cardio –  I replaced the P90X cardio days with Insanity (the shorter versions 35 -40 mins) and the Asylum.  This helped me maintain my cardio without jeopardizing the muscle gains that I had made the day before.  I only did cardio to days a week -Tuesday and Saturday.

7.) Results/Recovery drink – Unlike a pre-workout, which I started with this hybrid, I have always taken a post workout recovery drink of some kind.  Before I started my mass building hybrid I replaced my old drink with P90X Results and Recovery drink.  I have to say I love it!!  Replenishing the body after a tought workout is critical and I know that the Results and Recovery drink will provide me with everything I need.

8. Active rest days – One thing that I incorporated into my mass building program were two active rest days.  Since I reduced my cardio down to only two days that gave me another day to have active rest.  What did I do on my active rest day?  For me my active rest days were Thursdays and Sundays.  On those days I would use Killer Abs from Tony Horton’s 1 on 1 series or Insane/cardio abs from Insanity.  The workout was 20 minutes, so I was able to have a great ab workout without killing myself.  Plus having two ab only days separate from my regular workouts cut my workout time on lift days down to less than an hour.  

The results:


177 lbs

6.6% body fat

165 lbs of lean body weight


190 lbs

8.3 % body fat

174 lbs of lean body weight


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3 Responses to “How to gain weight with P90X.”

  1. Karan Kaushal says:

    Hello Coach,

    Hope you are well. I need some real advice please and so far, after doing A LOT of research, your article has been the closest to what I am aiming for. I am 29yrs old, Male, 155lb, 5 9″, slim and have a pot belly.

    My aim is simple, I want to have a flat stomach, get body definition and gain a bit more weight.

    I dont have real money to spend on supplements, I have dumbells, resistance bands, push up bar and chin up bar at home. But dont have time in the to do P90X in the morning or evening after work. I like the idea of how you have replaced P90X with Insanity for cardio which I thought you could not do.

    Is it possible to do Insanity in the morning (7.30am) and weight train in afternoon (4pm)(3times a week). What is the best way to go for my aims? It is still all confusing.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Coach Greene says:

      Its great to hear from you. I don’t know how long you plan on weight training in the afternoon, but doing doubles is hard on the body. Beachbody workouts are designed for once a day. If time is a problem then let me suggest this. I started working out in the morning about 5 months ago, it was tough but I was able to get up 1 hour earlier. To help with that I went to bed 1 hour earlier as well. Then, inorder to get my workouts in on time I did P90X without the ab ripper at the end. That way my morning workouts were less than an hour. I did two days of cardio (Tues/Saturday) mixing up Insanity, Insanity The Asylum and 1 on 1 with Tony Horton. My ab only days were Thursday and Sunday. On those days I did Ab ripper, Killer Abs (1 on 1’s) or Insane abs. This modification allowed me to get my workouts in the morning before work and still see results.

      As far as slimming up and getting a flat stomach, remember abs are made in the kitchen. Make sure you are eating the proper nutrition and watching your daily calorie intake. I track my calories with tap and track (ipod app.). I firmly believe that the P90X nutrition guide is the best for any of the Beachbody workouts. I have refered back to it many times. Checkout my youtube videos on what I eat and to take a look at my shopping list for food suggestions.

      I hope this helps and feel free to contact me anytime you need advice or suggestions.

      BRING IT!!

      Coach Greene

  2. Karan Kaushal says:

    Hi Coach,

    Thanks for the advice. I am in my 10th day now and feel great. I am not seeing results yet but I know it will come in time.

    Could I get the link for you YouTube video?



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