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I Lost 70lbs!!

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Over 5 years ago I was stuck and looking for answers.  I was 250 lbs, could only do a few push-ups, no pull-ups and I never, ever did sit-ups.  I got winded walking up a few flights of stairs, ate fast food at least once a day and had difficulty going to the bathroom (there, I said it!).  So, I did what most people do after suffering through that scenario for a few years . . . I started to look for answers . . . just in all the wrong places.

Maybe you’re like I was 5 years ago, you want to change, you’re just not sure how to change.  Of course I knew I needed to exercise, I was already doing that 3 to 4 times a week and I knew I needed to eat healthy, I attempted to do that on occasion.  However, I never committed to a “PLAN”, I never had a “STRATEGY”, and I didn’t understand my “WHY”.

My “PLAN” became P90X.  I borrowed it from a football player I was coaching at the time who wasn’t using it because of his football workouts.  Now, i’d seen the infomercial late at night so many times I had it memorized, but I put off buying it time and time again.  This time however, it was FREE!!  I took the workout home that weekend and I read through the material over and over and over again.  I read the workout guide and understood the equipment I needed.  I read the nutrition guide and shopped for the foods I needed.  After a few days I was sore, and I mean sore, but I was hooked to the point I returned the player his copy and I bought my own.

My “STRATEGY” was simply to follow the plan and lose 10 lbs.  I laugh at that now, because I lost 10 lbs. in the first 3 weeks!!  So I decided, I’ll just keep going and see what happens.

My “WHY” was improving my health and fitness.  At first is was just for me, then I realized the healthier I got the better I felt and the more energy I had to accomplish tasks through the day.  Things I was to tired to do before, like play with my kids.  As I began to see results my “WHY” became less about me and more about my family, even to the point I started thinking, “I want to no only live to see my grand kids, but I want to be healthy to spent time with them and enjoy being around them”.   I also wanted to be a healthy example to them as they grew up.

After completing my first round of P90X I had lost a total of 33 lbs, the next two rounds I lost an average of 20 lbs and dropped my body fat % from 24% down to 7%.

Below are my before and after pics.  I always wondered why people never smiled in their before pics, then I remember how bad I felt taking that picture and how miserable I was.  Below the pics are a list of mistakes I made along the way and some of the things that I’ve done that proved the most affective and rewarding.
before frontworkout results 004

Mistakes I made:

1.) Thinking it wasn’t possible

2.) Looking for help in magazines, books and at the gym.

3.) Working out to the same routine every day, every week

4.) Eating Junk!!

What finally worked:

1.) Put my nutrition first

2.) Using P90X

3.) Never Quitting

4.) Having a “PLAN”, developing a “STRATEGY” and figuring out what my “WHY” was.


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