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Interested vs. Committed

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There’s a difference between being committed and interested.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas or when the “I really what to change” feeling dies, this is when you will separate the one’s that are committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle and the ones that are interested.  Just over the last few weeks I have talked with people who tell me they will start working out and lose weight after the New Year.  The problem is that the average American will gain somewhere between 1 to 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That’s just additional weight you’ll have to lose and you’ll have to work that much harder just to get back to where you were a month ago.  Why wait?  Start today, make the commitment and stick with it and in a few months you can be transformed into a new person, with a new attitude and you won’t ever look back.

Interested means you’ll do what’s convenient, while committed means you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! – John Assaraf
When you’re interested in something, you tend to stay with your plan until something better comes along.  How many of you have bought the latest workout gadget, just to put it in the closet never to use again?  When you’re committed, you have a different outlook.  You’ll do what it takes to reach your goal.  You’ll stick with it no matter what.
With weight loss, I was “interested” for so many years.  I wasn’t entirely committed to reaching my goal.   I’d go to the gym 4 days a week, eat a terrible diet and then wonder why I couldn’t get in better shape or lose weight.  I was too busy looking for a quick fix when I already knew what I needed to do.   My attitude used to be “one won’t hurt.”  Therefore, I never did end up reaching my goal weight with that attitude.  It wasn’t until I discovered P90X and the P90X nutrition guide that I started to see dramatic changes.
Now that I’m committed, I’m seeing  the results from working out and eating right.   I know that my goals are my responsibility and that I’m willing to do the work to reach them all.  I challenge you TODAY, to do one thing that demonstrates that you are truly committed to whatever your goal may be.  If it’s weight loss, take the time to research proper nutrition and make the commitment to resistance train 5 to 7 days a week.  I have posted many articles about proper nutrition and diet, as well has the importance of exercise.  If it’s to get ripped, make the commitment to workout and eat the right kinds of foods to get the ripped body you’ve only dreamed about before.
Here are some examples of the difference between just being interested and having commitment.
  • Interested reads a book; commitment applies the book 50 times.
  • Interested is going to a gym daily; commitment is eating a clean diet daily
  • Interested is buying the workout program; commitment is pushing play everyday
  • Interested is saying I will; commitment is saying I did.
  • Interested is looking for excuses to not workout today; commitment is working out no matter what
  • Interested is thinking about doing it; commitment is saying its already done.
  • Interested is looking rich; commitment is planning to be rich.

I meet people all of the time that show an ‘interest’ in fitness & health, very few actually commit themselves to it.  I meet people all the time that start training for a while, go on a new diet for a while, only then to “take a break”; for a while…These people will never see real results.

In the first few weeks they feel and see a change within themselves, which is quite motivating.  As the weeks progress, they begin to realize that to attain whatever their goals are will take much longer (and more effort) than they first anticipated, and their motivation wanes, and they “take a break”.  Thinking they need to re-assess, to be able to come back with renewed vigor   More often than not, the break lasts much longer than planned, and if they do manage to return, they have to start at the beginning again.

These people are part of the quick-fix society we live in nowadays.  No longer are people prepared to wait for anything.  They want it now.  My P90X transformation took 90 days of clean eating and pushing play everyday.  They want immediate results.  Yo-yo training and dieting is bad for you!  Eating right & training for a while, only to then undo all of the hard work by returning to unhealthy habits, or even worse – binging – is bad for you. 

Health, fitness, strength, mobility… these things are lifestyle choices.  If you keep bouncing back and forth from health & fitness to being unhealthy & unfit – stop kidding yourselves.  You ARE unhealthy & unfit.  

Quality of life is not determined by doughnuts. If your quality of life hinges on being able to consume unhealthy junk and wasting yourself in front of the television, your problems are bigger than you realize.

In my early to mid 30’s I felt like I was falling apart, everything on my body hurt.  Since I adopted a new health and fitness lifestyle I feel younger, I don’t get sick and I have more energy than ever before.  I have made the choice to be fit, strong, mobile & healthy.   My quality of life is better for it.  I am committed.  It isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile.  You need to decide for yourself if you are committed – or just interested.  My training, my diet, is constant.  I do not train and eat healthy for 2 or 3 months, then take 2 or 3 months off.  I stay in shape and I stay healthy all of the time.


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